Winterize Your Nails

I love it when my nails are nicely manicured. For some reason, it’s an automatic mood lifter and makes me feel like I’m more put together. Unfortunately, I can’t always spend the money to get my nails professionally done. I usually get them done once during the holidays and once during the summer. So what do I do with all the months in between?! My nails would be a hot mess if I didn’t take things into my own hands. 
That’s where Julep comes in. Since finding out about this subscription nail/beauty service my nails have been in much better shape. I get all my nail care products from Julep now. Not only do they have great products they also have great tips and suggestions for how to apply their products. Julep has come out with a guide for how to winterize your nails! 
Julep, Nail Care, Nail Polish
Below are the Julep products I currently use to do my own manicures. 
1) Oxygen Nail Treatment – promotes strong, healthy nail growth.
2) Vanish Cuticle Softener – Softens cuticles and removes color stains from nails. This is my favorite item from Julep. It makes it super easy to trim my cuticles and really makes my nails look professionally done. It also removes leftover color that my nail polish remover misses. 
3) Ta Da! Quick Dry Drops – Reduces polish drying time. Smells great! I love the lavender scent.
4) Freedom Polymer Top Coat – Quick dry, smudge free, high shine top coat.
5) Essential Cuticle Oil – A blend of essential oils and Vitamin E. Use daily to soften rough cuticles and strengthen nails. 
6) Clean Up Tool – Cleans under nails and wipes polish off skin.
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Here are some great Julep polishes for a winter manicure. I’m loving the ink blue Ilsa polish! You can find lots of fun new nail polish shades right now at Julep!
Julep, Nail Polish
I used some of my Julep nail products to create my winter nail look! I just noticed I’m lacking some more “wintery” shades. I mainly have shades of reds and pinks. So I picked out my Helen polish – a light lavender creme which looks similar to the Shari polish. Then I added a sparkle accent nail with the Zelda polish. I’m not one for crazy nail designs. I prefer simple looks with an accent nail or different colored tips. 
Julep, Nail Care, Nail Polish
If you are interested in trying Julep out, use this link to get your first box free! Julep is a subscription service so if you don’t pass on your box at the beginning of the month you will be automatically charged $20 and sent the subscription box for that month. But I promise it’s totally worth it! I’ve gotten some great products out of my monthly boxes. And each time you buy your box you earn credits that add up to a free box! I used my credits to get my February box for free! 

* This is not a sponsored post. Julep sent me some images to use but all opinions are my own. I actually love and use Julep products!

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