Why I Switched to Men’s Razors.

*This post is sponsored by Harry’s. All opinions are my own.

When Harry’s first approached me and asked if I would post about their razors I was hesitant because I don’t usually post about men’s products. But when they mentioned that a lot of women actually use men’s razors AND they usually end up being cheaper (because of the pink tax on women’s products) I decided to give them a try.

Harry's Shave Set

And I’m really happy I did! As you can see, the razor is packaged nicely and the razor is very chic. I love the colored rubber handle which also comes in orange, grey, and navy. The set also comes with shave gel, 2 extra razors, and a travel blade cover. And the amazing thing is, this set is only $15!

Shaving Legs with Harry's Razor

Shaving with the Harry’s Truman razor is so easy. The 5 blades and lubricating strip give a really close, comfortable shave. The rubber handle ensures that you have a good grip. The shave gel is very nice too – although, it does smell like men’s shaving cream. So if that’s not a scent you are going for you could always give it to your man! (But keep the razor for yourself!).

Harry's Razors flatlay

You can buy any of the items in the set separately but you get more for your money if you buy the set. You also have the option to sign up for a shave plan which will save you money on refill blades. Normally, Harry’s refill blades are $2 for each blade (which is a great deal) but with the plan you get even more of a discount! I looked up a popular women’s razor refills and they cost anywhere from $11-22 for 4 blades whereas Harry’s only cost $8 for 4 blades!

If you aren’t sure about switching to “mens” shave blades you can give Harry’s a try for FREE (just cover $3 for shipping). You’ll get a razor and shave gel to try out for 2 weeks! Or, sign your man up if you aren’t interested. I’m sure he would appreciate it!

What do you think – would you switch to a men’s razor?

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