Where to Find Beautiful and Effective Face Masks

I think face masks are here to stay for awhile and you know what? I’m here for it! Imagine if people wore face masks during every cold and flu season. I’m pretty sure there would be a lot less people getting sick and I’m sooo down for that. I HATE getting colds and if something as simple as wearing a face mask helps with that then I think they should stick around.

Other benefits of mask wearing include: Not having to apply makeup on half of your face, not having people tell you to “smile” because you have RBF, and getting to let your personality shine through a fun face mask!

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite places to find face masks that are beautiful and effective. I want my mask to be pretty but it also has to have some basic things for protection like double layers, a filter pocket, and the right fabrics.

Beautiful and Effective Face Masks


My number one choice for face masks comes from NIGHT. They make breathable silk face masks that have a filter pocket, adjustable ear loops, and a nose wire. I need all three of those things for a comfortable fit and this mask gets it! I know most masks are made from cotton but silk is also an acceptable fabric for masks because it’s a tightly woven fabric. I have a small face so adjustable ear loops are a must for me. And a nose wire is a must as well because it makes for a tighter fitting mask. (Masks are only effective if they provide a tight seal around your face). This mask also comes with 7 – PM2.5 filters!

The only downside is this mask is pricey. BUT if you wear masks a lot or just need a really comfortable mask because you hate wearing them then this could be a good option for you. It is SUPER lightweight and comfortable. I’ve also heard that it’s a good option for people with sensitive skin that break out from traditional masks. The silk is supposed to be very gentle on the skin.

Beautiful and Effective Silk Face Mask from Night

Miss Tashina

Miss Tashina is small brand based out of Los Angeles, California that’s currently producing ethically made face masks! I was first introduced to these masks by Abby from Clothes and Pizza (who’s also done a blog post about face masks!). There are different patterns available at different times but they seem to sell out pretty quickly so if you see something you like – get it! But these masks have everything I’m looking for – 3 layer cotton fabric, filter pocket, adjustable ear loops, and metal nose bridge. I also love that this brand sells replacement PM2.5 filters for adults and children as well as replacement metal nose bridges. These masks come in Large, Medium, and Kid sizes.

Lele Sadoughi

Lele Sadoughi is a fashion brand making cute cotton face masks with a contour fit, adjustable ear loops, and a filter pocket. I love some of the cute patterns and designs they have. The only con is that I don’t think they have a metal nose bridge (although I think you could add one). They also sell cute sunglass chains that you can use on your mask!

Lucy Paris Label

Lucy Paris is another fashion brand making super cute cotton masks. A lot of their masks (not all) have adjustable ear loops and all of them have a filter pocket. I believe they also have a nose wire but it’s not listed on the site so don’t quote me on that. But the prints and patterns are super cute and very affordable at only $7. For each mask purchased they also donate one!


There are a lot of cute, handmade face mask options on etsy. This shop has a lot of cute patterns and the masks have 3 layers, adjustable ear loops, filter pocket, and a nose wire. You can also buy filters from the shop. Here’s another etsy shop with masks that have all the same specifications!

Other Mask Options

The best functional and beautiful face masks

Here are some mask options that I think are super cute but don’t have all the things I look for in a mask. BUT they might work for you!

KES NY – I bought this face mask at the very beginning of the pandemic and it works well. The adjustable drawstring does create a tight fit but I find this type of mask more annoying to take off and on. It has 2 layers of cotton with a 3rd layer of silk charmeuse. There is a pocket for a filter – but no nose wire. These masks are sustainably made in NY and for every mask purchased, KES donates one to a healthcare worker!

It’s A Mom (seen above) – I loved the floral pattern of this mask so much that I had to get it! These masks are made by a small brand specializing it gift boxes for moms. There are 2 cotton layers with a filter pocket – but no nose wire. I also found that the adjustable elastic string doesn’t really keep the mask up very well so I might replace it with a non-elastic string. Again, I prefer ear loops because it’s easier to take off and on.

Vivian Chan – I’ve been a fan of Vivian Chan designs for awhile and she didn’t disappoint with these mask designs – GORGEOUS! Mask Design 3 has 3 layers of cotton, metal nose bridge, filter pocket (with 2 filters), and elastic at the chin for adjustment. The only thing that doesn’t work for me is that the ear loops are not adjustable so I don’t think it would work for my face.

Where are your favorite face masks from?

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  1. I agree! I think face masks will help with a lot of contagious disease that are airborne. With flu season coming soon, I will be donning mine for sure! I love all the styles and prints that I am seeing and the silk one you featured is no exception. It looks like it fits perfectly and comfortable.

    Maureen | http://www.littlemisscasual.com