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This post is sponsored by Dasani through Markerly but all opinions are my own!
I always love a “What’s in my purse” post because I’m kinda nosey. Anyone else with me? So I thought I’d share what’s in my purse as well as the one thing that I ALWAYS carry with me now. 
I try to only carry essentials with me – like a wallet, hand lotion, lipstick or lipgloss, perfume stick and sunnies. I change purses a lot so I don’t like to have to switch over a lot of items. This roller perfume stick is really handy to keep in my purse since it doesn’t leak! That way I’m always smelling good.  I HATE when my hands or lips feel dry so lotion + lipstick is a must. 
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I also think hydration is EXTREMELY important so I’m always carrying a water bottle or my mason jar with me. The past couple of years I’ve had headaches and even started to pass out and have seizures. Yikes! I’ve gone to a doctor and had an MRI and nothing is wrong in my brain – thank goodness! It’s actually just a dehydration problem. I’m not drinking enough water! 
Based on my weight I need to be drinking 64oz a day. That seems like a lot! I have a really hard time remembering to drink at least four 16 oz water bottles a day. So I’ve set alarms on my phone to remind me to drink a bottle about every 2 hours. It actually helps a lot! I don’t wake up with headaches anymore and haven’t passed out since I’ve started drinking more. 
But drinking water can get kind of bland – amiright? I would rather be drinking an iced latte. So when I was sent these Dasani Drops I was really excited to see if they tasted good. 
I was able to try the Dasani Drops in Strawberry Basil and Lime. They are both unsweetened and colorless. And to my surprise they contain only a few ingredients: water, natural flavors, citric acid, potassium benzoate and potassium sorbate. I always expect flavor enhancers to contain a lot of chemicals so I was glad that the ingredients list was short! 
To use: just add as many drops of the Dasani Drops to your water until you reach the right amount of flavor! 
#DasaniDrops, Flavored Water
I really like the flavor of the Strawberry Basil. It tasted like I had added slices of strawberries and fresh basil leaves to my water! I actually couldn’t believe it. I was really surprised at how natural it tasted. I liked the Lime flavor too but it tasted like more of an artificial lime flavor to me.  
I’m really glad these drops are unsweetened. I don’t like super sugary drinks so this allows me to add a little or a lot of sugar depending on my mood. I decided that I like the taste enough that I don’t need to add sugar. It’s a really refreshing taste and adds just enough flavor to make my water not so boring. I believe that some flavors of Dasani Drops are sweetened so if that’s more your thing there are other flavor options! 
And the great thing is the Dasani Drops are portable! The lid snaps closed and they are small enough to carry around in your purse. So everytime I get tired of sipping on plain water I can add some drops of Strawberry Basil or Lime! 
#DasaniDrops, Flavored Water
You can find Dasani Drops at Target! Make sure to check your Target Cartwheel App for any discounts. (I actually use that app everytime I’m at Target and have saved over $35 so far!)

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  1. That is so horrible you were passing out from dehydration! I am always trying to remind myself to drink more water, but its harder than you think!

    I've never tried flavor drops like these, but strawberry basil does sound good.
    Chic on the Cheap

  2. I have had similar things happen as you have. Having enough water can be so difficult. I agree I love those drops to add a little flavor to your water great idea!