What to Pack on an International Trip During the Summer

It’s been a little quiet on my blog because I recently traveled to Greece! I spent 2 weeks traveling through Greece with ONLY a carry-on suitcase and small bag/purse. I wanted to travel really light and be as efficient as possible for the 10+ hour flight and island hopping. Now I’m ready to share what my tips and what to pack for an international trip during the summer!

What to pack for an international trip during the summer 

What to Pack on an International Trip During the Summer

I’ll be sharing what I packed in my bag for my long flight as well as the clothes I packed in my carryon for the whole trip. I’m happy to say that everything worked out really well!

The Best Items to Pack for a Long Flight

NiceSeats Seat Cover:

I’m kind of a germaphobe on flights in general (because I feel like I always get sick after a flight) but with COVID I’m trying to be extra cautious. Since the airplane headrest is one of the most germy areas it seemed like a good idea to order this seat cover. It will cover the entire seat without covering the video screens on the back of seats – so it won’t be in any one else’s way. I also love that it has a little zip pocket attached so you don’t need to use the back seat pocket (which also has a lot of germs). The whole think folds up into the attached zip pocket so it’s easy to take on-the-go!

Overall, this cover worked well. My only complaint is that it didn’t cover the armrests and that it kind of came untucked from the seat when I moved around. The little zip pocket was very convenient (especially if you are sitting in an exit row and don’t have storage in front of you).

Trtl Neck Pillow:

I have THE HARDEST time sleeping on flights. I can never seem to get comfortable and all the positions that I do choose seem to leave my neck super sore. When searching for a neck pillow, I liked the look of this one because it wasn’t bulky and it had more neck support. It’s also supposed to keep your head from bobbing forward! I also liked that the wrap can cover your mouth (which is perfect since we are supposed to wear masks AND it keeps my mouth from gapping open while sleeping).

This was definitely more comfortable than a neck pillow. It kept my head supported and was very comfortable!

Jet Lag Mask + Moisturizing Skincare:

I don’t know about you, but I get SUPER dry on flights. Of course, it’s important to drink a lot of water on flights but I also think you need to hydrate your skin on the outside as well. I never wear makeup on flights so I will wipe my face with a cleansing wipe and then do my skincare routine. I just got the Jet Lag Mask which is a leave on mask/moisturizer so I will probably just apply that before I go to sleep. I’ll also keep my Biossance Vitamin C Rose oil on hand in case my skin starts to feel a little dry. I’m also make sure to have a lip moisturizer and hand lotion.

Compression Socks:

Compression socks help improve circulation and reduce the risk of blood clots. While I don’t think I’m at risk for blood clots, compression socks can help with swelling and discomfort that might occur from a sitting on a long flight. I’ve noticed that my ankles feel a little swollen at the end of the day and that will only be exacerbated on a long flight.

I didn’t notice a whole lot of difference wearing the socks but I feel like it’s a good idea anyway!

Passport Wallet:

Since I need to keep track of my passport, flight tickets, vaccination card, Euros, and all of my other cards, I figured it would be good to have a bigger wallet. I just want to make sure everything is in one place so I don’t have to search for it! This wallet also has a wrist loop and can hold my cell phone so it’s great to use as a purse/clutch as well!

Universal Travel Adaptor:

I wanted to make sure I’d be able to charge my devices when I was in Greece so this adapter is a must! I’m also bringing a portable cell phone charger just in case too.

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Woman wearing Doen Ischia Dress in Santorini

Doen Dress, Everlane Flats

The Best Items to Pack in Your Suitcase for an International Trip

Travel Wash Bag:

If you are particular about how you wash your clothes then you should check out this bag! I wanted to pack really light for my 2 week trip, which means I’d have to do wash at some point. I don’t trust anyone else but myself to wash my clothes (which are delicate and expensive) so I wanted an easy way to wash my clothes in my hotel room. But filling a hotel sink with soap and water to wash my clothes kind of sounds disgusting to me so I liked the option of having a bag that I could fill with soap and water to wash my things!

This travel laundry bag is small and compact and can probably fit a couple tops or 1 dress or several pairs of underwear and bras! So while it won’t be able to fit a whole washer full of clothes it’s good enough to clean some items on the go! P.S. I’m also packing these travel liquid soap packets!

This bag worked great! I was actually able to fit a couple light dresses in it at once. The places we stayed on the islands actually didn’t have a laundry service so I’m glad that I was able to wash clothes in my hotel room. The hotels also didn’t have bathtubs so washing clothes in there wasn’t an option either.

Microfiber Towel:

I usually hand wash all of my clothes normally when I’m at home (I know I’m kinda crazy) and then I get the excess moisture out of my clothes by rolling them up in a towel. So I figured it would be good to have a super absorbent towel on my trip to roll up my freshly washed clothes. This microfiber towel is compact and big enough to dry out 1 dress or two shirts at a time. I also thought it might be useful at the pool or beach!

This towel was great as well. It dried REALLY fast – especially in the summer sun.

Woman with Longchamp Pliage Backpack in Naxos Greece

Jenni Kayne Slip Dress, Longchamp Pliage Bag, Nisolo Sandals

Longchamp Pliage Bags:

This backpack is about the size of a purse, is made from a durable nylon fabric, and is super light. And the best part is, it folds up really compactly so you can easily pack it up when not in use! I used this backpack on all of my excursions (tours, hiking, boating, beach time, etc.). It held all the essentials like my wallet, camera, water bottle, sunscreen, and more! I also got the Pliage Shoulder Tote to use as my bag on the plane. This tote is big enough to fit my laptop and the other in flight essentials I listed above.

I LOVED that these bags folded up so small. They hardly took up any space in my carryon and having the option for a backpack or tote bag to carry extra items was great.

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Clothes I’m Packing for a 2 Week International Summer Trip

I wanted to travel super light so I only packed enough outfits for about a week, pajamas (a long and short set), swimsuits and coverups. I washed my clothes in the wash bag to wear for the second week. Luckily, summer clothes are lighter and more compact than winter clothes so I was able to fit everything in carry-on. But I also chose clothes in fabrics that dry really quickly in case I need to wash them to rewear them.

Dresses: Jenni Kayne Leopard Slip Dress, Jenni Kayne Summer Dress, Doen Ischia Dress, Rouje Cassandre Dress

Tops: Doen Jane Blouse, Sézane Claudio Blouse

Bottoms: Madewell Shorts, Everlane Jeans

PJs: Doen PJ Set, Jenni Kayne PJ Set

Coverups: Eberjey Long Swim Cover Up

Swimwear: Everlane Swimsuit, Peony Swimsuit (top, bottom)

Jacket: Sézane Willa Jacket

Shoes: Sézane Jack Sneakers, Nisolo Sandals, Everlane Day Gloves, Flip Flops

Accessories: Sézane bag, Kin the Label visor

Summer accessories on chair: Nisolo Sandals, Kin the Label Visor, Sezane raffia bag

Nisolo Sandals, Kin the Label Visor, Sezane Bag – All laid flat in my suitcase for easy packing!

What I’m wearing on the Flight

Since it’s an overnight flight I’m wearing my cashmere joggers and hoodie from NAADAM. This set is SOOO soft and comfortable, plus it will keep me warm on the flight. I’m wearing this tee underneath the hoodie in case I get hot. I’m also wearing my Sézane sneakers because they are my bulkiest shoe and I don’t feel like packing them in my suitcase.

I’m happy to say that I wore everything that I packed (except for my second swimsuit). The dresses that I packed were perfect. I actually wore them each about three times because I preferred to wear dresses instead of tops + denim. It was really easy to wash them after each wear because of my travel wash bag and microfiber towel. I only wore my jeans + tops when I was traveling on the ferries (because it was cold).


I hope this post was helpful! Let me know if there’s any must-haves that you pack for long flights/trips in the comments below!

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