What I Bought

Not my usual post but since I couldn’t take an outfit photo today I thought I would share my latest purchases with you.  Remember how I mentioned that I didn’t have a shopping budget for August? Well, I got a letter in the mail from my old insurance company with a rebate check because they apparently overcharged me at one point.  So unexpectedly I had 60 extra bucks! Woohoo! And of course I had to go shopping with it.  
I did most of my shopping at Forever 21 because I wanted to get as many things for $60 as I could.  But I couldn’t resist those blue heels from H&M!  I thought that these items would be great “basic” pieces for fall.
Check back here on Friday to see how I styled the white blouse!

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  1. I was looking through your other posts and I really like your sense of style!! it is so…elegant!
    so cute!
    I like your blog and I will definitely be back!
    have a great day!
    p.s. please feel free to join me in my beauty series on my blog, started the 15th and ends the 24th with a giveaway =).