wearwell Review: Personalized Ethical + Sustainable Fashion

*Updated February 2022

Are you looking to transition your closet to include more ethical pieces but don’t know where to start? Then check out wearwell! wearwell is monthly styling service that makes it easy for you to find ethical and sustainable fashion brands that fit your personal style. wearwell was kind enough to let me try out their service so I could tell you all about it! Check out my wearwell review below!

wearwell review: ethical subscription box for clothes

wearwell Review: Personalized Ethical + Sustainable Fashion

About wearwell

wearwell is a styling service that works with brands that care about worker’s rights and have a positive environmental impact. Worker’s rights can include things like a fair/and or living wage, safe working environment, access to healthcare and more. And a positive environmental impact includes things like the use of organic materials, deadstock fabric, a zero waste processes and more. wearwell also looks for brands that are Fair Trade, GOTS Certified, BlueSign, OEKO-TEX Standard 100, and B Corp. You can read more about what wearwell’s looks for when partnering with brands here.

How wearwell Works (updated for 2022!)

Wearwell updated their membership options in January 2022 so now it’s a little different than what I experienced. But I think it’s even better now! You have the option to join an Annual Membership or Monthly Membership to wearwell. A membership is $10 if paid monthly OR $96 paid annually (with 2 free months included)! The Annual Membership also includes more perks so it’s definitely the best deal.

The Monthly and Annual Memberships includes:

  • Access to all of wearwell’s ethical and sustainable brands to shop
  • 10% off all orders
  • Free shipping and returns
  • Exclusive member discounts
  • Rewards program for shopping credit
  • Access to styling as often as you want (for an additional fee)

In ADDITION the Annual Membership also includes:

  • First access to new product drops
  • Seasonal styling included (a $40 value)
  • A special welcome gift (valued at $25)

Wearwell still offers styling services (like what I experienced below) expect now you aren’t limited to only shop what the stylist picks out for you. Now you can shop wearwell’s entire collection anytime you want!

Get a wearwell Membership HERE!

I also love that wearwell has a section dedicated to Black-Owned brands to shop and secondhand pieces to shop through their wearwellagain program.

wearwell review: subscription box for ethically made clothes and accessories

wearwell review: My Experience

I was gifted a monthly membership (under the old membership structure) to try wearwell out so I could share my experience with you! Once I signed up I took the style questionnaire. It was quick and easy! It included questions about the sizes I wear, colors and prints that I prefer, how I would describe my style, brands that I like to shop at, and more. I appreciated that they asked my to link to a Pinterest board with examples of my style. I was able to link to my blog board so that they could see all the outfits that I put together. There was also a section where I could leave any notes for my stylist, just in case there was something that wasn’t asked in the questionnaire.

My wearwell Stylist Picks

A few days later I received an email with a note from my stylist and 6 pieces personally picked for me! I was really curious to see if the stylist picked things that I would have picked for myself. I’m happy to report that I really like most of the pieces! (Two of the pieces below appear sold out but that’s because they are reserved for me). You can click on the photos for more info on the item, including what brand it’s from.

Wearwell Stylist Picks

I REALLY love the Thalia Trench coat. The details look really interesting. The Catherine Button down is also something I would wear. I actually had my eye on the Penelope Merino Sweater in the Marketplace so my stylist was right on with that pick! I also like the Luna Bag a lot (although, I have A LOT of bags right now so I don’t think I need it). The Rochelle Wide Leg Trousers are 100% my style and I’m interested to see how they fit. I already have a pair of Everlane wide leg black trousers though. Finally, I think the Daphne Skirt is really cute but I’m not sure that it’s something I’d see myself wearing right now. Overall, I think my stylist did a good job!

My wearwell Order

After getting the email with the picks from your stylist, you have 5 days to shop your “storefront” before the pieces are taken off hold for you. After the 5 days you can still shop the picks – they just aren’t reserved for you and might be sold out. If you weren’t thrilled with the 6 stylist picks there is a “Show Me More” button which you can click which shows you more pieces you might like. There’s also a “Product of the Moment” section with cute accessories you can choose from as well.

I had originally thought that this was like a typical styling service that ships all your stylist picks to you so you can try them on first before you decide to buy. However, that’s not the case with wearwell. If you want to try the pieces you have to buy them first. I’m assuming this is done for environmental/sustainability reasons. There’s a lot of waste that goes into shipping packages. However, if you buy something and it doesn’t fit or doesn’t suit you, you can return or exchange for free.

Since I’m partnering with wearwell they are actually sending me 5 of the pieces so I can style them and give you a closer look! I chose 3 of the pieces the stylist picked for me and then 2 pieces from the Marketplace that I liked. This is not normally how the wearwell service works but I wanted to be able to show you all the aspects of wearwell! I decided to try out the Thalia Trench, Catherine Blouse, Rochelle Wide Leg Trousers, Effie Fairisle Sweater, and Adalee Trousers.

My wearwell outfits

For my first look I paired the People Tree Effie Sweater with the People Tree Rochelle Wide Leg Trousers (and my Jenni Kayne shearling mules). This outfit is 100% something I’d wear on a daily basis. I love the neutral fair isle design on the sweater. I also love the fit of these wide leg pants. If I didn’t already have a pair of black wide leg pants from Everlane I would definitely buy these.

I swapped out the fair isle sweater for the People Tree button down shirt. I think this is a nice updated casual look. I’d probably switch out the shearling mules for a pair of boots if I was going out. I do like this blouse but I feel like it’s a little too “fancy” for my casual lifestyle. I prefer my button down shirts to be cotton and this is made from a thicker tencel material so it feels a little more stiff.

For my third look I swapped the People Tree Wide Leg Pants with the People Tree Adalee Trousers (I added my Sézane sweater to complete the look). This would make a fun work outfit if you are into print mixing! I really like these pants. They are a lightweight cotton material so they would work well in warmer weather as well. I love the wide leg fit and the pleats. It’s a very comfortable, flattering pant.

For my final look I added the Thalia Trench coat (this was the only item NOT from People Tree). This is a really cool coat. It has a lot of nice details like the black trim on the pockets and cuffs, balloon sleeves, and tie waist. I would really consider keeping this coat as well but it’s VERY lightweight and not lined so it won’t really work for cold weather.

In the end, I think I’ve decided to keep the Adalee Trousers. I don’t have many trouser pants in my wardrobe so this item fills a hole in my closet. I’m looking forward to wearing the trousers with lots of chunky sweaters!

wearwell review: Pros and Cons

I love that wearwell is a styling service and shopping platform that focuses on ethical and sustainable brands. From what I can tell, there aren’t that many ethical clothing styling services (if any!) out there. Based on the box of clothes that I received, it looks like they carry ethical brands that are really chic and fit my personal style.

I do wish that wearwell still shipped all of your stylist picks to you (like a typical styling service). I understand the sustainability reasons behind the choice not to ship a big box of clothes to each subscriber – but I think it’s so nice to be able to try on pieces before you buy.

If you are someone that is just starting to dip your toe into ethical fashion and you feel like you could use some guidance with curating a closet full of versatile pieces and outfits, then wearwell would be perfect for you! Even though I don’t feel like I need a stylists help with choosing clothes I still learned something from my experience with wearwell. I had no idea that I really loved styles from People Tree! So now I have a new-to-me ethical fashion brand to check out!

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