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Wearing Non-Maternity During Pregnancy

Pregnant fashion blogger wearing H&M tunic and Madewell mulesPregnant Los Angeles blogger wearing non-maternity during pregnancyJeans and a Teacup wearing striped tunic and Cult Gaia Bamboo bagLos Angeles Style Blogger wearing red suede mule sandals, striped tunic, and bamboo clutchMinimalist Style Blogger wearing Madewell suede mules and Cult Gaia Bamboo Clutch

While I love all my maternity clothes (so comfortable!) I’ve tried to avoid buying a lot because I know I won’t be wearing them for long. So whenever possible, I try to find non-maternity pieces that I still might be able to wear after I have the baby. Like this non-maternity drawstring tunic from H&M! I usually wear a size 4 at H&M but I decided to size up to a 6 just because I wanted some extra room.

I decided to style this tunic with my favorite summer accessories – Ray-ban sunnies, silk scarf, bamboo bag and these rust, suede mules. I LOVE the color of these mules! And the great news is they are on sale! I love buying shoes when pregnant because they always fit! But then I started hearing that your feet grow during pregnancy and now I’m worried that none of my shoes are going to fit after baby! Did any of you have that happen?? And was it during the pregnancy or after you had your baby? So far mine have stayed the same size so I’m crossing my fingers.

Outfit Details:
H&M Tunic – non-maternity!
ASOS Maternity Jeans (similar)
Madewell Suede Sandals – on sale! (also here)
Cult Gaia Bag – (I have the small size)
Madewell Silk Bandana – lots of colors!
Ray-ban Sunglasses

Now onto Flashback Fashion Fridays! Here’s a look from last May. Oh, my white shirtdress…how I miss you! It’s a little too fitted for my bump. But if you aren’t pregnant this year’s version is really cute with a lace up front!

White Shirtdress, J.Crew Shirtdress, Everlane Sandals, Summer Outfit

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  1. I did this so much with both of my pregnancies. It took me a few months after I had my girls to lose all the weight and so having non preggo clothes helped me with options before I was able to wear my old clothes. I love this striped top and you seriously look gorgeous!


  2. That’s a beautiful tunic! 🙂 I wore a lot of non-maternity things in my pregnancies too, only bought a handful of maternity pieces and those I did buy that weren’t breastfeeding friendly were quickly passed onto a pregnant friend who promised to pass them on again when she was done.

    My feet did swell up, both times, as I was pregnant over summer and the humidity was killer. Second time was the worst with the heatwaves but so far my shoes seem to be wearing like normal so I don’t think it was permanent.

    Thank you for the link up!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend ahead of you 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Yes, I definitely need to get more breastfeeding friendly maternity pieces! Glad to hear your feet went back to normal! I’m just worried because my mom said her feet grew a half size and never went back :-/ I’m hoping that’s not the case with me! Have a great weekend!

  3. My daughter is in her last trimester and her shoes are not fitting. She asked to borrow some of my shoes (I wear a 1/2 size bigger than her) to get her through the next few weeks. I don’t think feet “grow” I think they just swell. After the baby, you should be able to fit into your shoes again. I love the outfit you’re wearing. You’re so right, you don’t need a lot of maternity clothes. This will come in handy after the baby is born too!

    1. Ok, that’s good to know! So far my feet haven’t swelled…so I hope it stays that way! haha… I’m just worried because my mom said her feet grew a half size and never went back! I don’t want to say goodbye to all my shoes!

  4. Love this post! I absolutely love the tunic from H&M! And such a great idea to purchase things that you can wear after pregnancy!

  5. Wow! I love that you are reminding us to think long term with our purchases! The H&M Tunic is stylish staple and you look amazing in it! Thank you for this great post! I love your style so much!