Warby Parker Home Try On

1. Sims – Burbandy Fade
2. Langston – Whisky Tortoise Matte (no longer available)
3. Fitz – Blonde Tortoise
4. Finn – Amber (no longer available)
5. Nedwin – Amber (no longer available)
I recently discovered the world of online prescription glasses through blogging.  Specifically, two companies that specialize in affordable retro glasses and sunglasses; Warby Parker and BonLook.  Now, I have a very small, narrow face so it’s hard for me to find glasses that fit and look good.  So I wasn’t sure I could get a pair online without trying them on.  Fortunately, Warby Parker has a home try on program!  You pick up to 5 pairs online and they send them to you for free to try on for 5 days.  It’s totally free and doesn’t cost anything to send them back.  I had so much fun trying on glasses at home without having to deal with sales people pressuring me to buy one!  The glasses are also very affordable at $95 (that includes lenses AND frames).  If you have really bad vision like me you have to pay an extra $30 for thin lenses.  So that’s $125 plus free shipping! How can you beat that?!
BonLook has similar styles and prices ($99 for frames + lenses, $30 extra for thin lenses).  The only downside is there is no home try on.  So if the majority of frames fit your face you shouldn’t have a problem.  They give sizes and measurements for all their frames as well.  The plus side is they have a sale section where you can get some glasses for around $69.  If you sign up for their mailing list you can also get $10 off full price glasses.  
Another thing to consider is your insurance.  I was thinking about using my insurance to purchase prescription glasses.  My insurance company said they would only cover part of the cost if I could send them an itemized receipt (frame and lens price listed separately).  Warby Parker said they couldn’t do that – the frames and lenses were a package deal.  BonLook said they would be able to separate the cost of the frames and lenses.  So that is something else to consider.  
Ultimately, I think I’m going to go with Warby Parker.  I just need to see the actual glasses on my face before I buy them! So what do you think? Which pair is your favorite? Or is my head still too small for these frames?

*I was not paid or sponsored for this post.  All opinions are my own!

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  1. I think #4 look better on you. I want a new pair I really like big frames but I have to try them on and see how they look. Good luck finding your perfect glasses.

  2. I think the number 4 looks great on you! I have a similar problem with a small face. I have been known to buy children's glasses just to get them to fit! 😉