Updating Small Corners with Customizable Fine Art from Minted

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I know it’s been awhile since I’ve given a house update but it’s because I’ve been busy cleaning, organizing, and decorating! I’m so glad I’m finally on the decorating stage because the renovation process was not exactly fun. But even though I love decorating, it can be overwhelming – especially since I’ve never lived in a space this big! Luckily, Minted makes it easy to find the perfect artwork for your space. Especially now since you can CUSTOMIZE your fine art pieces! I’m sharing my experience ordering customizable fine art from Minted below!

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Customizable Fine Art from Minted

Customizable Fine Art from Minted

I have two small corners in our house that I wanted to update and I knew customizable fine art from Minted would be perfect for the spaces! Minted already has a great selection of artwork created by independent artists for any space but now you have even more options to make it your own. Now you can rotate, crop, and even change the colors in the photos in addition to all the framing and size options!

To create art perfect for my two corners I started by browsing the customizable fine art section and selected two landscape pieces I thought would go with the vibe of my home. I currently have a lot of vintage-inspired artwork that was left in the house and some that I’ve picked up at thrift shops. So I wanted artwork that would look like it was vintage. I selected the “Broken Clouds” print because it actually looks like a scene from outside my window on the farm! I also picked out the “Winter Bluff” print because I thought it was really beautiful and calming.

How to Customize your Artwork

After choosing your artwork you can use the tools to zoom in on your favorite detail, crop, or rotate the picture to make it exactly how you want it! You can even customize the color of the artwork! Simply click on “Let’s customize this print to fit your decor” and then you are given options to change the color theme by leaving a note for the Art Specialist. You can also send them a photo as inspiration!

For the “Broken Clouds” piece I customized the colors and left a note for the Art Specialist saying that I wanted the colors in this piece to be more “vintage-y” with muted greens, browns, and blues. Then I emailed them an inspo photo of a picture I found online that had similar vibes/colors to what I was looking for. In the customize section you also have the option to zoom in, crop, or rotate the photo but since I liked the original image I didn’t feel the need to do that.

A few days later I had a proof emailed to me with the adjustments the Art Specialist made! You can see the original image below on the left and the adjusted image below on the right based on my description!

How cool is that?! You can see that the adjusted image is more muted. In person it does look even more muted and “vintage-y”.

Finally, you can select the size, frames and finishes for the artwork. I decided to make this landscape a 24″ X 18″ canvas and have it mounted on a Premium Walnut Wood Canvas Frame. Beautiful!

Here is the adjustment for the “Winter Bluff” Photo – original on the left and adjusted on the right. I asked them in my description to match an inspo photo that had more greens and muted colors so you can see they hit the nail on the head! I didn’t feel the need to crop or rotate this photo either – I liked it just the way it is!

For this photo I chose an 14″ X 11″ Art Print with a classic walnut frame with UV Plexi-Glass and Archival Materials (this means there’s no glare on the glass!).

The Art Specialist will send you the proofs with adjustments for you to approve or reject. So if you don’t like the adjustments you have the chance to change it!

The Final Look

I’m so happy with the final look of my artwork! The customized pieces and the perfect mix of vintage and modern and look great with the other vintage artwork that I have. Like I mentioned above, I have little corners in my home that just needed a little extra something. So I placed the 24″ X 18″ canvas on the wall in my dining room right next to our tiny archway.

I placed the 11″ X 14″ piece in a little hallway corner along with another piece I got from Minted. I didn’t do any customization on the 11″ X 14″ “Fuchsia 2 of 2 Diptych” floral print except for choosing the Black Matte Metal Frame, with a mat, and UV Plexi-Glass and Archival Materials.

I think these two photos look great in a little gallery with a picture light and vintage table! It’s the perfect mix of vintage and modern.

I also have a little corner in my bedroom that needed some artwork so I chose this cute “Amour” print in 15″ X 20″ with a natural raw wood frame, standard full bleed, and standard plexi and materials. I didn’t feel the need to do a special customization with this piece because there were already several standard color themes to choose from. So I went with the “Soot” coloring! My bedroom has more of a mid-century modern vibe so I thought this art print was perfect!

Amour Minted Print

Overall, I’m really happy with how the customizable fine art from Minted and my mini gallery wall turned out! It was also a really easy experience ordering through Minted. I’ve actually ordered artwork through Minted before and both experiences were great!

And I’ve got even better news – Minted has kindly provided me with an exclusive offer that waives the $75 customization fee on orders $250+! Use code ‘JESSICACFA75 ‘ at checkout! You won’t see this offer anywhere else and it’s super helpful in that you can get to working with a Minted art stylist today who will assist you in bringing your dream art piece to life! But hurry, this offer is only good until April 30th so start your fine art customization ASAP!

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