Upbra Adjustable Cleavage Bra Review + Nordstrom Giveaway

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Style Blogger trying out an Upbra for more cleavage

Who doesn’t want a little boost every now and then? That’s why I was excited to review the Upbra®! It’s a bra that lets you adjust the amount of cleavage you want! That means you can go for a little boost or a lotta boost depending on the situation or your mood!

The Adjustable Cleavage Bra

In my case, I was curious to see if the Upbra would work with my uneven cup sizes. Before having a baby, my cup size was about a DD. After breastfeeding my one breast stayed a DD and the other one shrunk to maybe a B cup? It really sucks! It makes it incredibly difficult to find a bra now because I have to buy a larger cup size bra for the bigger boob which means the smaller boob is left hanging.

What Makes the Upbra Different?

Unlike other adjustable cleavage bras, the Upbra doesn’t just move the bra cups closer together. The Upbra uses ActiveLift® technology to move the breasts on the inside of the cup so the outward appearance of the bra doesn’t change. On the inside of the Upbra there are straps that are connected to platforms within the bra cup. When you pull those straps the platforms bring your breasts closer together! It’s all working on the inside!

You’ll also notice there are little vinyl heart designs on the inside of the cup. Those act as grips to help keep your breasts in place.

How to Adjust and Upbra

How to Adjust the Upbra

On the inside of the bra there are adjustable straps that you can pull for each cup. Simply pull the straps and hook them onto the strip at the bottom of the bra. The more you pull and the farther away from center you hook the straps, the more cleavage you get!

Upbra Results

Upbra Before and After results

As you can see, the bra does give me cleavage! Because I was able to adjust each cup separately, I was able to give my small, sad boob an EXTRA boost. You can see in the photos that I pulled the right cup farther away from the center to give it more of a boost. My left breast doesn’t actually need that much of an adjustment so I only pulled it over about two notches.

Upbra Cleavage boost bra

My goal wasn’t to give myself a lot of cleavage but to make my breasts look even. And I’m happy to say that this bra does that too! Usually, there’s a big gap in the cup of my right breast. But with this bra I was able to adjust the cup so that it pushed it up and in!

As you can see, I still have a lot of notches to go on both sides of the bra so if I wanted even more cleavage I could adjust the cups more. However, I prefer a more natural look so I didn’t go too crazy.

Upbra results photo

What do you think of the results? Would you give the Upbra bra a try?


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