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Flashback Fashion Fridays Link Up #7 + Tweed and Feather Dress

Greylin Feather Dress, Lace Up Heels_edited-1
Tweed Feather Dress, Greylin Dress, Holiday Dress, Lace Up Heels
Tweed and Feather Dress, Party Dress, Greylin Dress, Red Lips
Tweed and Feather Dress, Lace Up Heels, Greylin Dress, Party Dress
Feather Dress, Ifchic, Greylin Dress, Rose Gold Jewelry
Tweed Feather Dress, Greylin Dress, Lace Up Heels
Guess what. I got this dress for free! And the great news is you can also get designer items for free too by signing up at ifchic.com and collecting your “coins” everyday. It’s actually super simple. The hardest part is remembering to do it everyday. After you sign up, you’ll see little coins pop up while you browse the website. You can collect up to three coins each day which totals $6. If you do that everyday you bank up to $180 in a month! On the 24th of each month you can cash your coins in for anything you find on ifchic.com! This dress cost $145 but I didn’t pay anything for it after I cashed in my coins! 
While this dress is from last year’s holiday collection I think it would still be great for a fancy event or date night now. The sad news is this dress is sold out on ifchic right now. But I found it on amazon for as low as $39! It also comes in a top version which is super cute.  
Outfit Details:
Greylin Feather Trim Tweed Dress via if chic (also here)(also a top
JustFab Heels (similar)
Wanderlust + Co Ring via Rocksbox
It’s Flashback Fashion Fridays time! Here’s what I was wearing last year. I’m happy to say I still wear all of these pieces. These neon polka dot scalloped shorts are a favorite. Here’s a neon version from J.Crew that’s currently on major sale. I also love these polka dot scalloped shorts
Dots - 3
Adri and I would love for you to join us this week and link up your flashback fashions! You can include a link or photo in your post to an outfit from last year, month or even week! It’s fun to see how our style choices change over the year. 
Guidelines for Link Up:
1) We’d appreciate it if you’d follow the hosts: Jessica and Adri on bloglovin’.
2) Please link up a blog post and not your blog’s homepage. 
3) Use the button below to link back to the link up or include a link in your post.

Jeans and a Teacup

Linking Up:
Style Elixir, Fashion Should Be Fun, Rachel the Hat, Forage Fashion

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  1. This dress is so sultry and elegant at the same time! Love it, and those strappy heels are the perfect compliment for it as well. Thanks for sharing and hosting the link up 🙂

  2. Love this dress, I'm a sucker for feathers! You look amazing and I can't believe you got it for free. I'll have to check out If Chic.