Third Trimester Update for my Second Pregnancy

It’s almost time guys! My due date is January 1st so I’m literally just days away! I haven’t been posting a lot during this pregnancy so I figured it was definitely time for an update.

(If you are curious, you can find my Second Trimester Update here. I was too sick during my first trimester to write a post!)

Third Trimester Update for my Second Pregnancy

Third Trimester Update for Second Pregnancy

How I’m Feeling Physically

I’ve mentioned it before but this pregnancy has been harder than my first. I don’t have anything major to complain about but in general I’m just more uncomfortable. I have more pelvic discomfort because the baby’s head is so low. I’ve been dealing with sciatica which sends shooting pains down my lower back/pelvis/legs. I’ve gained more weight during this pregnancy so my belly is definitely bigger than the first time around. I don’t feel like my belly can stretch anymore! I didn’t get any stretch marks during my first pregnancy but this time around I have one small one by my belly button. But that’s really not bad at all! I have a hard time being on my feet for more than 2 hours. And my stomach always just feels unsettled and I get acid reflux a lot. I’m just ready for this baby to come out!

How I’m Feeling Emotionally

I feel very lucky that I don’t have to deal with crazy mood swings or depression/anxiety during pregnancy. I’m not as nervous about this birth because I know what to expect now. It also helps that my first labor/delivery experience went pretty well so I don’t feel nervous about doing it a second time.

How Baby is Doing

As far as I know, everything is fine! I’m just anxious to see the baby again because I haven’t seen an ultrasound since week 21 when we found out the gender. My doctor always listens for the heartbeat at my appointments but we haven’t done an actual ultrasound. But I feel the baby move around everyday and he’s in the right position for birth. At my last appointment I was 1cm dilated so things are starting to happen!

P.S. I made the gender announcement on Instagram a few weeks ago! We are having another BOY!


I feel VERY lucky that my husband has been off of work for the past month. It’s really helped me be able to get things ready and take things easy. If I had to watch Harrison by myself all day AND get things ready for baby #2 I’d definitely be more stressed out. I really don’t know how working moms/single moms do it!

Since we are having another boy I didn’t have to go out and buy new baby clothes which was nice! I’ve just been going through the toys/clothes and cleaning everything. I’m also trying to clean out closets and make more room in the apartment in general. I hate having things a mess and I know I won’t have time to clean after baby gets here!

I still have to pack my hospital bag but other than that I don’t think I have anything else to do to get ready!

The only thing I’m a little worried about is what we are going to do with Harrison when I go into labor. My parents live across the country and don’t fly in until the 30th. Which is fine if the baby comes on or after my due date. But if I go into labor beforehand there aren’t that many people we know that are available to watch Harrison overnight or during the day. My doctor is also out of town until the 30th! So we are just hoping and praying that the baby comes after December 30th! Even though I’m kind ready for the baby to come out NOW!

Be sure to follow me on Instagram because I’ll be making any baby announcements on there first!

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  1. I can’t believe at how fast time has flown. I remember it as if it was only yesterday that you said your big news and now baby boy is almost here! I hope your delivery goes well and I am super excited to meet your baby boy. Happy new year to you and your family Jessica!

    Maureen | http://www.littlemisscasual.com