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*I work with Everlane on a gifting basis but all opinions are my own. 

It’s definitely no secret – I LOVE shopping at Everlane! I discovered Everlane years ago before they started to become more mainstream. So over the years I’ve tried out A LOT of Everlane pieces. I’ve done an Everlane Favorites Roundup before but since then I’ve added quite a few more pieces to my closet so I thought I’d do an updated review.

My Favorite Everlane Purchases

The Day Glove

My favorite purchase from Everlane is by far The Day Glove. It is THE MOST COMFORTABLE PAIR OR SHOES I OWN. Plus, they come in every color you could possibly want and go with pretty much anything. I was gifted my first pair from Everlane for the launch of the shoe but I loved it so much that I bought a second pair in caramel a couple months later.

Everlane Shoe Review

I’ve worn my black pair almost everyday since I got them about a year ago and they are holding up great! The leather is soft so it does stretch out. I would size down and go with a fit that is tight because they will stretch. You can see my initial Day Glove Review here!

I also really like the Day Boot. The leather is VERY soft so it makes it a really comfortable boot to wear. You can actually bend your ankles in them!

Wide Leg Crop Pants

The Wide Leg Crop pants are similar to the famous Kamm pant but for a fraction of the cost. I’ve never tried a pair of Kamm pants so I can’t speak to exactly how similar they are. BUT I think they still look great regardless. There are several colors to choose from and each season they usually release more colors. I have them in black, white, and ochre. They really do work on all body types (trust me) AND they are comfortable. Menswear inspired look featuring Everlane pants and target blazer

Authentic Stretch Denim

Everlane recently started to make denim – Hallelujah! – and I own almost half a dozen pairs. And even more recently they started making stretch denim. Even though I do like non-stretch denim, I actually like Everlane’s stretch denim better than their original non-stretch denim. Everlane’s original denim stretched out too much on me. So I like that their stretch denim holds it shape a little better. (You can see my full Everlane Denim Review Here and Everlane Stretch Denim Review Here)

I also love that Everlane produces cleaner denim. Apparently, the denim industry is REALLY bad for the environment. Everlane chooses factories that recycle water, use alternative energy sources, and repurpose the byproducts from the denim production.

And the price is very reasonable for an ethically made pair of jeans. Most pairs are only $68! They come in a lot of styles and sizes – including ankle, regular, and tall lengths! My favorite style is the Authentic Stretch High Rise Skinny Jean.

I’m not sure if these jeans will hold up super well over time. They are on the thinner side and don’t feel as sturdy as my 100% cotton Levi’s jeans, for example. But since they are ethically made and not super expensive I’m willing buy them again.

Everlane Alpaca Sweater, Minimalist Winter Style, Lace Up Leather Boots

The ReNew Line

Everlane’s ReNew line aims to recycle plastic bottles and turn them into renewed outerwear! It’s part of their commitment to “No New Plastic” by 2021. The line contains a variety of puffer jackets, fleece, and parkas – all made completely out of recycled plastic!

I’m not usually one to gravitate towards more sporty styles but I really liked the Lightweight Puffer Jacket that was sent to review. It’s not super bulky but it keeps me warm! When I move back to colder weather on the east coast I’ll definitely pick up one of the puffier styles.  Reebok Sneakers, Everlane ReNew Puffer, Sustainable Fashion Brands

The Rain Boot

This is another surprise favorite of mine. I was gifted the Rain Boot for the launch a couple weeks ago. It doesn’t rain that much in California (big surprise) but we were actually going through a rainy spell when the Rain Boots arrived. It was perfect timing and I was actually able to wear them in the rain!

I just thought they were really comfortable and warm. I also found myself wearing them on days when it wasn’t raining because I like them that much. And for $75 I think they are decently priced for a modern and chic rain boot. They only come in whole sizes and I sized down to an 8 (I either wear an 8 1/2 or 9) and they fit perfectly. I’ve only worn these for a short time so I’m not sure how they’ll hold up over time but they seem pretty sturdy.Everlane Rain Boots, Ethical Fashion Brand, Affordable Rain Boots

Shop all the Everlane Items in My Closet!

Do you shop at Everlane? What are your favorite pieces?

Now onto Flashback Fashion Fridays! Here’s a look from last March. This is such a cute blouse and I need to wear it more often! That’s why I love doing the Flashback photo – it reminds me of all the cute things I have in my closet!Vintage Style Blouse with High Waist Denim

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  1. These are cute pieces! I still haven’t tried Everlane yet, they don’t make international shipping or returns easy so I’ve been too sacred in case I get the wrong size!

    Thanks for the link up!

    Hoping your week is going well so far 🙂

    Away From The Blue

  2. This is an amazing round up! I am a fan of stretch denim and should check them out. Plus, for $68, that is such a steal! I also thought those rain boots arrived on time. I have been kicking myself for not getting a pair of rain boots because apparently this year is the year of rain in California! It’s back to the wet and cold tomorrow. 🙁 I hope your day is going well so far and happy Friday!

    Maureen | http://www.littlemisscasual.com