The Best Bamboo Bags at All Price Points

The best bamboo bags at all price ranges and how to style them

The arrival of spring means I’m dusting off my spring/summer bags and couldn’t be happier! I tend to reach for bags made out of natural fibers – like bamboo – in warmer weather. Something about them makes me feel like I’m one step closer towards a beach vacation!

So I’ve rounded up some of the best bamboo bag options available right now at all price ranges!

Bamboo Bags under 100, Cult Gaia Bamboo Bags, Bags with Bamboo Handles

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The Best Bamboo Bags Under $100

Since this is more of a seasonal bag, I usually suggest not spending a lot of money on one. I tend to only use these in the spring and summer so I get less wear out of them than my everyday bags that I use year round. Luckily, there are a lot of under $100 options out there! You’ll find a lot of affordable options on Amazon and Etsy.

If you are afraid of having the contents of your purse fall out through the wooden slats you might want to opt for bamboo bags with inserts like this bamboo bag from Topshop or this Bamboo Ark Bag. I’ve never had items completely fall out but if you plan on carrying really small items these would be great options! You can also add your own pouch to any of the bamboo bags! It’s a fun way to customize it and make it your own fashion statement.

Cult Gaia Bamboo Bags

Ahh…the infamous Cult Gaia bags! These skyrocketed to fame around 2017 and are an updated, modern version of a Japanese bag that’s been around for decades. I’m actually proud of myself that this was one trend I got ahead of…lol (that doesn’t happen often). I first saw an unboxing of the bag on Chriselle Lim’s Instagram stories in 2016 and instantly felt a connection with it. I was lucky enough to find it on an a small retailer’s website and with a discount I got it for only $78 (orig. $88)! The next year the price went up and now they sell for $128!

Since then, Cult Gaia has released multiple versions of the bamboo bag including a bamboo bag with straps that’s convenient if you want a hands free option. I really love the Cult Gaia aesthetic. Their pieces are like little works of art! If you can afford it I think it’s worth it to invest in an “original” piece from them. They do have an Under $100 section and even this super cute rattan bag that’s $98!


Bamboo Handle Bags

For a more vintage inspired bag you can go for one with a bamboo handle. These give me grandma vibes – but in a good way. You can find these bags at all price points – from the designer Gucci Bamboo Handle bags to fast fashion options.

If you are feeling crafty you can also make your own bamboo handle bag inspired by the Japanese furoshiki bag! All you need is some fabric and bamboo handles! Here’s a tutorial on how to tie the fabric around the handles. I also love these Fonott bags even though they aren’t made with bamboo handles.

How to Style a Bamboo Bag

I love to accessories my bamboo bag with a scarf! It’s an easy way to personalize your bag AND you have a scarf on hand just in case you need it!

Bamboo Bag with scarf, Cult Gaia Bamboo Ark, Everlane Sandals, Stepped Hem Jeans

Full post HERE

Los Angeles Style Blogger with Cult Gaia bamboo bag and silk scarf

Full post HERE

You can see above that I love to wear my bamboo bag with a simple, white outfit (also see HERE). But I’ve also styled it with a fun summer print, a vintage inspired dress, and a business casual outfit, just to name a few. The options are really endless!


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  1. I have that Cult Gaia bamboo circle bag on my wish list. I saw it last year and didn’t bite because I was unsure of how much use I would really get out of it. I do love how these types of bags are so laid vibe. I see one and I too think beach vacation! Great picks and I love how you styled yours with a scarf. A nice way to get more use out of your scarves too. I need to try that technique!

    Maureen |

  2. Bamboo bags are so much fun for spring and summer. Love that square one with the tortoise handle. That’s a new one I haven’t seen before.
    x, Julie |