Sunday Reflection: What Flash Mobs Teach Me About Life

First off, I want to say that I appreciate all of you! I really do love the comments you leave (both for my posts and my sister’s). I just don’t always respond back because I’m so scatter-brained. It’s neat to see the community that’s forming on here. You all are great:-)

This week I bring a video to you! I don’t know how viral this is yet, but I do know that many a flash-mob video have gotten around. This one is probably the classiest flash mob you’ve ever seen (it happened in Spain, go figure). A bunch of classical musicians gradually file into the street, pressed between tall, historic stone buildings and jam out to a symphony on their violins, bassoons and drums. It’s awesome.

One thing that I really love about THIS video, besides the music itself, is how the camera captures the intrigue, surprise and delight of the gathering audience. Adults sing along, one little boy climbs a street lamp to see better, and two little girls giggle as they wave their arms in the air, conducting.

Those sights help me see why things like flash mobs are so fun to witness. It’s because, in the midst of great talent and skill, it’s not about the performers–it’s about the audience.

A performance that might normally cost tens or hundreds of dollars to see, and which requires planned ticket-buying, driving to the venue and most likely a strenuous parking scenario, is being broken out of its glass case and brought into the living room of the average person. The roles are reversed. The rich and poor, the educated and illiterate, the young and old, are sought out by the performers for their smiles and laughs. People’s hearts are being wooed. Joy, not money, is the payoff.

We live in a culture where money and fame=joy and everyone is moving too quickly to challenge the assumption.

I think this video is enough to challenge that.

There is joy in surprise, creativity, music, community, dancing, and stopping long enough to share it with others.

So, let’s get more joy into the world, and maybe even a few more flash mobs. 🙂

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  1. That was beautiful, thanks for sharing. I cried listening to it and felt silly. Then I read the comments on the video and it seems I'm not alone. Music really does touch the heart.