Sunday Reflection: Permission to Appreciate Yourself

girl who travels

Sometimes I wonder if there’s something wrong with me.

“Megan, just buy some new pants!”

That would be my roommate, yelling at me.

I’ve had holes in all my jeans for the past couple months now. My “best pair” has holes in the crotch and one of the knees. It’s from the wear of my bicycle seat. But I keep forgetting to buy new jeans.

I also get yelled at for reinforcing my cracked curtain rod with the broken leg of my hamper. “Megan, just buy a new curtain rod. They’re like $5!”

I’m not even hopelessly frugal. I’m mostly just forgetful, distracted and content. I’m so engrossed in the here-and-now that replacing broken things or improving old stuff doesn’t cross my mind. There are too many other things to try, see, explore.

I was all too happy to come across a blog post called, “Date a Girl Who Travels.” The “girl who travels” sounds a lot like me (in attitude, not in the places she’s been). I breathed a sigh of relief. It’s as if the author had given me permission to appreciate myself. Not that I should need it.

But let’s be honest, we all need it a little.

There are things about each of us that others roll their eyes at. We let them, and laugh at ourselves. But secretly, we like ourselves and wonder why that’s wrong.

Well, let me tell you something. You don’t have be more into this or that, or care more about this or that. You are awesome.

Here are a couple snippets from the article that made me shout, “Amen!”

“You’ll recognize her by the backpack she always carries. She won’t be carrying a dainty handbag; where will she put her travel journal, her pens, and the LED flashlight that’s always attached to her bag’s zipper?”

“You can also buy her the little things that she keeps forgetting to buy for herself; that carabiner that will attach her backpack to her seat so that she will feel easier about sleeping on her bus trip, or a backpack cover, a small alarm clock … “

What kind of girl are you? Whoever you are, I hope you love it!

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