Sunday Reflection: KOREAN FASHION WEEK!

[Pic from my trip]
short shorts bow top

Baby doll-like tops :: This goes with the “cutesy” thing I talked about last week. There were lots of high-collared, pastel-colored blouses.

doll-like top
[Pic from my trip]

Neon :: The color palette was either really soft or really loud. Americans like neon workout clothes but Koreans like neon on anything and everything. Sometimes it was a small accent – other times it was a whole backpack or pair of pants.

Bangs :: I haven’t let my bangs down for a really long time. They were about 2 inches too long but I trimmed them and let them back down while I was in Korea because it felt like EVERYONE had bangs!!!

Cutesy outfit1

Thick-rimmed glasses :: Whether you need glasses or not, you need a pair if you live in Korea. And they sell fake glasses everywhere (I had to buy some!). Frame shapes varied – many would be considered oversized or goofy by American standards.

thick rimmed glasses 2

Like I said last week, Koreans are great at being adorable. If I had to describe the female look, I’d say it’s: “classy feminine cutesiness.” It doesn’t quite roll off the tongue but it’s all I’ve got. I didn’t have space to cover the men’s fashion, but I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into Korea:-)

doll-like dress

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  1. When I think of Korea, I think of girls with long wavy brunette hair and Peter Pan Collared dresses!
    They often have a cute/innocent look (: