Sunday Reflection: Dance Your Face Off Instead

{Left-A different Hannah, also a good friend, Right-Me}

There’s nothing like boy problems to remind yourself that girlfriends are awesome.

Don’t worry, I’m not going on a rant about boys (I did that with my friend already), but to set up some context:

On Friday night I was feeling a bit lonely. I had just come back from a good, people-packed time on the East Coast with friends and family. I’m introverted and love my alone time, but when I get lots of time with people I love, a spontaneous Friday night by myself isn’t so welcomed.

As I sat in my house alone (roommates were off in other countries and cities doing fun things), I oscillated between wallowing in self-pity (“I’m lame and have no friends; I should just go to bed at 7 PM”), and reaching out to a girlfriend. (For some reason I never make plans for my weekend nights and assume that someone will invite me out at the last minute. I need to stop doing that.)

I finally texted my friend Hannah. I assumed she would be busy. She was, but invited me to join her.

Long story short, a boy she was supposed to hang out with didn’t follow through on his promises, and as we sat waiting for him to invite her out with him and his friends (we imagined he would have some really good-looking friends to set us up with), we finally got the disappointing text that he had made other plans and we wouldn’t be hanging out tonight.

Enter: girl rage. Okay, I guess we weren’t “raging,” but we indulged our hurt feelings by playing loud music and making ourselves look pretty so we could go out and dance our faces off at some bars downtown.

We spent a good portion of the night discussing our general confusion and disappointment with guys, all the while not really paying much attention to the guys around us. The first bar we went to had an open dance floor with no dancers, so we spread out and danced like crazy while pre-buzzed onlookers stared at us. Some were amused, some confused, but we imagined that they all were at least a little impressed with our moves.

At the end of the night, I couldn’t help but think how awesome Hannah is, and how amazing it is to have girlfriends in my life. And I thought what a tragedy it would have been if her guy friend had followed through on his promise. Hannah and I had a blast together, and I wouldn’t trade that night for anything.

Even though I have many moments where I wish there was a boy around with whom to share my hot cider and frolic through the autumn leaves, I’m also thankful when boys disappoint so that I can truly appreciate the girls in my life.

So even though ranting is fun, it can be very worthwhile to do a little celebrating instead–with a good girlfriend, of course:-)

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  1. Totally agree. Sometimes when we are in a relationship we tend to take our friends for granted. And at the end it is more likely that you will still have a friend from 15 years ago than a guy. Plus time out with the girls is just the best!