Sunday Reflection: Adventuring Retreat

I stumbled upon an adorable,talented blogging couple the other day. Their photographs and videos make me want to run through fields, put daisies in my hair and grow a vegetable garden. One video in particular, “An Ode to Summer,” was beautiful enough to actually get me out on my bicycle and try out a mini adventure-retreat of my own.

My little getaway was a success in that I got myself out the door, stuffed my bag with good intentions (I will draw! read! ponder!), and made it to my destination.

It was unsuccessful in that it started to drizzle literally the second before my colored pencil hit my sketch pad (*sigh*).

But I made the time to do the things I never make time for. I let my adventuring be the excuse to not do all the other stuff I should have, could have, needed to be doing.

And it was worth it.

[handlebar wear-and-tear]

[pit stop, ominous clouds]

[staring contest]

[the goods]

[setting up]

[very brief sketching session]

[look of resignation]

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