Flashback Fashion Fridays Link Up #14 + Suede Skirt

Suede Skirt, Striped Popover Shirt, Leopard Mules, Bandana Scarf
Asos Suede Skirt, J.Crew Striped Popover, J.Crew Bandana Scarf, Loft Sunglasses
Marias Cowboy Mules, Leopard Mules, 70's Style, Suede Skirt
Suede Button Front Skirt, J.Crew Bandana Scarf, Marais Mules
70's inspired summer outfit, Tan Suede Skirt, J.Crew Striped Shirt
Suede Button Front Skirt, 70's style skirt, Wanderlust and Co gold rings
Asos Suede Skirt, Wanderlust and Co rings, Striped Button Down Shirt
If you’ve been following my “Wishlist” posts you’d know that this suede skirt was one of the items on it. So when ASOS had a 15% off sale I decided to go for it. At $73 it was already a great price for real suede but it’s always nice to get an even better deal! I know real leather isn’t for everyone (here’s an affordable faux suede skirt) but whenever possible I like to make the investment. I love the texture and how it wears over time. 
In other news….I took these photos myself with a tripod and remote! I can’t believe that they actually turned out well…haha. Since my husband is working all the time (and he hates taking my photos) I decided that I needed to try doing it myself. So now I really don’t have an excuse for not getting my outfit photos taken! 
This outfit was unconsciously inspired by Heather from Forage Fashion. I put this outfit together but then felt like I had seen it before! She has UH-MAZE-ING style so no wonder it was stuck in my head. And I’m still trying to figure out how she takes such amazing photos with a remote! 
Outfit Details:
J.Crew Striped Popover Shirt (similar)
Loft Sunglasses
Now onto Flashback Fashion Fridays! This is what I was wearing on September 25th, 2014. A blush pleated skirt is a closet staple in my opinion. It’s so versatile and I’ve worn mine a million different ways. I haven’t worn it with this black crop top in awhile though. But since it’s still 100 degrees outside it might be a good idea to wear it again! 
Adri and I would love for you to join us this week and link up your flashback fashions! You can include a link or photo in your post to an outfit from last year, month or even week! It’s fun to see how our style choices change over the year. 
Guidelines for Link Up:
1) We’d appreciate it if you’d follow the hosts: Jessica and Adri on bloglovin’.
2) Please link up a blog post and not your blog’s homepage. 
3) Use the button below to link back to the link up or include a link in your post.

Jeans and a Teacup

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