Staying Hydrated with #DASANIDrops

I think everyone knows that drinking water everyday is a good idea. But did you know just how much water you should actually drink everyday to keep yourself hydrated? In general, it’s eight 8 oz glasses per day – which equals a half gallon! That’s a lot of water!
I used to be really bad at drinking enough water each day and it was starting to take a toll on my health. I started to get headaches every morning and even passed out a few times. Yikes! That’s scary stuff! I went to the doctor and even got an MRI to make sure there was nothing seriously wrong. Luckily, all the tests looked good and showed that I don’t have any serious medical problems. It turns out I just needed to drink more water! So now I set alarms on my phone for every 2 hours and try to drink a 16 oz glass of water right away. If I do that four times a day I’ve gotten my 64 oz in! 
I don’t know about you – but I think drinking water can get kind of boring. So why not mix it up? That’s where Dasani Drops comes in. Adding a few drops of the Dasani Drops flavor enhancers can take your water from blah to yum! It’s as simple as adding a few drops to regular water and you have a drink full of flavor with zero added calories. These little 1.9 fl. oz. bottles are small enough to fit in your purse and take everywhere – to work, out to eat, or on the go. 
Dasani Drops in Purse, In My Bag, Dasani
But sometimes I need something a little stronger – if you know what I mean! Did you know Dasani Drops can make a great cocktail too? 

Dasani Drops, Drink Mix, Dasani Drop
It’s as simple as adding a few drops of Dasani Drops to some club soda and vodka and voila! You have a flavored spritzer! 
I was given four flavors to try out – Mixed Berry, Strawberry Kiwi, Pineapple Coconut and Pink Lemonade. All of the flavors are pretty on point and taste like the flavor. My favorite was the Mixed Berry. They are sweetened with sucralose so these would be a good option if you are watching your sugar intake. And these make a great alternative to sodas and other sugary drinks! Hello zero calories and zero sugar! It’s also really easy to create your own flavors by mixing different drops together. Why not try Strawberry Kiwi + Pink Lemonade? Or Mixed Berry + Pineapple Coconut? I can imagine myself right now on a topical island while sipping on these fruity combinations! 
Spritzer recipe, Dasani Drops Drink
Dasani Drops, Dasani Drops Cocktail, #DASANIdrops
I have to say – this spritzer is de-lish-ous! And so simple to make which is important to me. Who wants to spend time gathering a bunch of different ingredients and liquors when all you have to do is squirt a few drops into your favorite type of water? Speaking of water – check out Dasani Water on instagram for more drink inspiration. You can also follow Dasani on Facebook and Twitter
*This post was sponsored by Markerly for Dasani Drops but all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting brands that support this blog! 

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