Flashback Fashion Fridays + New Site Design!

Distressed Denim, Layered Spring Outfit
Silk Floral Blouse, Cargo Jacket
Green Cargo Jacket, Floral Top
Jord Watch, H&M Cargo Jacket

You might have noticed things look a little different around here! This week I’ve been MIA on the blog while the transfer from blogger to wordpress was happening. Lisette from High Note Designs did the transfer for me and I’m so happy with the result! She was such a pleasure to work with and I’d highly recommend her if you want to make the switch. I’m still figuring things out with the design – like pictures, and logos and colors – so I’m not sure if this is the final product yet. Let me know what you think about the design and if there’s anything you think I should change!

Now onto the outfit! This past weekend I went to L’estancia La Jolla with my husband for a Valentine’s Day/President’s Day/Last weekend before my husband goes to work and I don’t see him anymore – Weekend! It was really nice except for me coming down with a cold on Friday (darn you preschoolers!!). I’ve gotten sick about 6 times since November! What the heck is going on?! So I was kind of slow and lazy the whole time. I really meant to take a lot of nice pictures of the hotel and area, along with a bunch of outfit photos….but I didn’t. I just didn’t feel like it. I barely got these outfit shots in and forgot to put on lipstick so I look even more “blah”.

Outfit Details:
H&M Cargo Jacket (similar)
Madewell silk blouse (option)
Gap Lace Up Flats (similar)
Coach Bag
Now onto Flashback Fashion Fridays! Here’s a look from last February – looks like it was warm last year around this time too! I think this is a really cute ensemble. The styled this dress two ways – for spring and fall – and this is the spring look.
Adri and I would love for you to join us this week and link up your flashback fashions! You can include a link or photo in your post to an outfit from last year, month or even week! It’s fun to see how our style choices change over the year.

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  1. I like your blue printed top!

    Sorry to hear you’ve been sick though, that’s no fun! I tend to get sick often over winter too, so many things going around!

    Your new site design looks nice – it seems to think my computer is a mobile device though but I’ve come across a couple of websites like that, they get confused by a touchscreen laptop, haha.

    Thank you for the link up!

    Away From The Blue Blog