Shirt Dresses and Ditto Sunglasses

Tie Waist Shirtdress, Nude Lace Up Flats, Striped Shirtdress
Shirtdress with Tied Waist, Striped Shirtdress, Ditto Prada Sunglasses
Vince Shirtdress, J.Crew Crossbody Bag, Nude Flats, Striped Dress
Ditto Sunglasses, Shop Ditto, Prada Sunglasses
Vince Tie Waist Shirtdress, J.Crew Crossbody Bag, Summer Outfit
Prada Sunglasses, Tie Waist Dress, Menswear Shirtdress
Dear Survivor Earrings, Bright Pink Lips, Prada Sunglasses, ShopDitto

I started seeing a lot of these tie front shirt dresses last year and I thought they were so fun! So when I saw this one on sale I snatched it up right away! It reminds me of this more expensive designer version! I also love that it’s long enough – sometimes shirt dresses that button all the way down end up looking like a long shirt. It still has that casual, long shirt look but I don’t look like I forgot to put on pants!

Sadly, this dress is sold out. I hate it when items I get sell out before I get a chance to show them off on the blog! So follow me on snapchat – username: jeansandateacup – to see what I’m buying way before they end up here! I’ve tried to link similar dresses below.

Also, I just joined Ditto and their Endless Eyewear program! The idea is for $24 a month you can rent designer sunglasses or glasses and switch them out as many times as you want! This is great for me since I don’t feel like spending a couple hundred dollars on one pair of glasses. And now I can “afford” to wear brands like Prada, Ray-Ban, Dolce & Gabbana, and more! The great news is you can get a month FREE with code “DITTOJTC“!

Outfit Details:
Trouve Shirtdress via Nordstrom (option)(option)
Gap Lace Up Flats (similar)
J.Crew Crossbody Bag (similar)
Dear Survivor Cluster Stud Earrings c/o
Sephora “Love Test” Lipstick
Prada Sunglasses via Ditto (Get a FREE month with code “DITTOJTC”)

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  1. I have seen a few different versions of this dress as well and I absolutely adore it! You are right, the length is just perfect compared to some other shirt dresses that look just like an oversized shirt. This one actually looks like a dress and a fabulously adorable dress at that! And the lace-up shoes are perfect with it!

  2. That is the perfect shirtdress Jessica and in such a lovely shade of sky blue. I have been eyeing one in that color too. I just love shirt-dresses. Also those iridescent studs are gorgeous and so are the glasses. I have been meaning to try Ditto. Do they ship only one pair at a time?

    I am talking pretty dresses and skirts for Spring, in today’s post too. Come check it out. =)

    And I would love for you to linkup with me tomorrow and share your latest style posts with my readers. Thanks, Ada. =)