Sézane Reviews: A Comprehensive Guide to Shopping the Popular French Brand

Sézane has been growing in popularity ever since it was launched in 2013 in France by Morgane Sézalory. Sézane was born after Sézalory turned her love of selling vintage clothes into designing original pieces with a vintage touch. Now it’s one of one of the top brands for effortless, French-girl style!

Sézane Reviews

If you’ve followed my blog or Instagram at all you’d know that I’m a HUGE fan of Sézane. I’ve found Sézane to be a great place to shop for high quality closet staples as well as trendier items. I’m also always impressed by their offering of unique seasonal prints and colorways. Not to mention, the details on their pieces are stunning.

I first started following and ordering from this French brand in 2017 – so I do consider myself an expert! In this post I’ll be sharing my honest Sézane reviews, sizing and ordering tips, and whether their pieces are worth it or not.

Best Sézane Pieces

There are so many good pieces from Sézane (in my opinion) but here are the pieces that stand out as classic wardrobe essentials and some of the most popular items from the brand.

Trench Coats

The Scott Trench is a classic trench coat that has been a Sézane staple for years now. It has a lot of classic trench coat details like epaulettes, button cuffs, wide lapels, and a double-breasted front. The extra detail that I love about the Scott Trench is the button slit on the back of the coat. The trench is lined and made from 100% organic cotton which has a nice feel and weight. Overall, this trench feels high quality and sturdy.

I’m wearing the size 4 in photos but if I was buying again I’d size up to a size 6. I’ve found that when I’m wearing bulky sweaters the sleeves feel a bit tight. Plus, I like the more oversized trench look. Sézane does offer a more oversized trench option now called the Clyde Trench Coat.

Gaspard Cardigan:

The Gaspard Cardigan is a kid mohair/alpaca blend sweater that’s an iconic Sézane piece. You’ll find this sweater available year round in many colors and stripe options. The Gaspard is a soft and slightly fuzzy sweater with a boxy cut. The itch level is low – I can wear it without an undershirt but by the end of the day it does start to feel a little itchy.

I love this cardigan sweater because you can wear it multiple ways! I actually love to wear it “backwards” with the buttons on the back. Right now, I have the Gaspard in Camel and a lovely green shade. I’m seriously considering getting the Gaspard in more colors because it just makes me feel effortlessly chic. I take my usual size (small) in the Gaspard and I wouldn’t size down because I don’t want the sleeves to be too tight.

Leontine Jumper:

The Leontine Jumper is a 100% organic cotton sweater with small buttons down the placket. This is a great sweater option if you are sensitive to wool since it’s 100% cotton. The Leontine is also available year round in different colors and stripe options. I take my usual size small in the Leontine. I wouldn’t size down because I like a loose, slouchy fit.

The Leontine is a personal favorite of mine (it might even be my favorite Sézane piece!) and I wear it at least once a week. Since it’s made from 100% cotton I find that I can wear this sweater year round because it’s breathable and not too warm. Just an FYI – the cotton material is not particularly soft and that may bother some people who are sensitive to fabrics. I don’t have any issue with it and find it to be a very comfortable sweater.

Betty Cardigan:

If you are looking for a dressier cardigan option the Betty Cardigan is perfect for you. The Betty features a boxy fit, slightly cropped fit with a shirt collar and two pockets on the chest. It’s made from 100% merino wool which feels soft with no itch. I wear my normal size small and I think the fit is perfect. I wouldn’t size down because I don’t want the arms to be any shorter.

The Betty Cardigan is another staple piece that’s available year round in MANY colors. You’ll also find varying details between the colors which makes each one unique. I currently only have one Betty Cardigan but I can definitely see myself picking it up in another color soon!

Chlo Blouse:

The Chlo Blouse is a long sleeved shirt with a high collar and embroidered details down the placket and collar. The classic Chlo Blouse is made from 100% silk but it’s also released in different fabrics like cotton and lace. I took the US size 4 in this blouse which is my usual size in tops.

The feminine details really drew me to this blouse. I found the color options to be gorgeous as well. It’s just a nice blouse to have in your wardrobe for days when you need to be a little more dressed up. I don’t really have anywhere to go (lol) but I till think this blouse looks great with a pair of jeans.

Will Jacket:

The Will Jacket is another staple piece that makes a great light jacket or layering piece. The Will Jacket most resembles a chore jacket with a straight cut, oversized fit, and buttons down the front. I took my usual size small in the Will Jacket. I think it runs TTS and I wouldn’t size down because it’s meant for layering.

If you are looking for an upgrade from your denim or cargo jacket, the Will Jacket is a great option. I like that it’s less bulky than a denim jacket because that allows you to easily layer coats over it. When I first bought the Will Jacket I think it was only available in denim washes and suede. But now it’s available in seasonal fabrics like wool and corduroy as well as different prints!

Paula Babies:

The Paula Babies are a mid-height heel, slingback shoe. They come in a variety of colors and are a great year-round shoe. I’m either an 8.5 or 9 in shoes and I took the size 9. I would say they run on the small side so if you are in-between sizes or have a wide foot I would take your larger size.

I have the Paula Babies in patent black and used them as my dressy shoe option during the holidays. The heel height is perfect and makes them easy to dress up or down. I’m definitely thinking about picking them up in a more “casual” color to wear with dresses and jeans in the spring and summer.

Milo Classic Bag:

The Milo Classic Bag is a sleeker version of their original Milo Bag. It features smooth leather, signature clasp, and adjustable strap. Inside, it has enough pockets and sections to hold all of your essentials. The Milo Classic is available in other colors and also comes in a mini size.

I really love this bag. I find it to be the perfect size for everyday wear. It has beautiful details it’s classic design means it will be in your closet for years!

Sézane Sizing

My measurements: 33-28-38, 120lbs, 30 D, 5’8″

Make sure you are shopping the US Sézane site so you see the clothes in US sizing instead of French. For example, size US 4 is FR 36 and size US 6 is FR 38. When you get the actual pieces the sizing on the clothes will be the French sizes.

I find that Sézane clothes generally fit true to size for me and when in-between sizes I usually size up. Sézane does have a size chart that I find pretty accurate. According the the chart I’m usually measuring as a size small across my chest and right between the size 4 and 6 for waist and hip measurements. So I usually take a size small or 4 in tops and a size 6 in bottoms and skirts. I also usually take a size small or 4 in dresses because my upper body is more petite. I prefer to take a size 6 in coats and jackets because I like a looser fit so I can layer chunky sweaters underneath.

sezane size chart

In general, I think Sézane pieces are meant to be worn relaxed and loose to give you that effortless, je n’sais quoi, French vibe. I like to wear my pieces like the models do and they wear Sézane pieces relaxed. Sézane usually has a size note on their pieces which tells you recommended sizing and wether to size up or down. I usually always go with my normal size unless the item looks like it runs really small or really oversized and then I’ll adjust accordingly.

Is Sézane Worth It?

Considering that I’ve been buying from Sézane for 7+ years, I would say yes! The details, colors, and prints of Sézane pieces just stand out above the rest and I always get compliments when I wear them. My Sézane pieces have also held up really well over the years (but I do take care of my pieces and usually hand wash/line dry them).

Sézane Fabrics

I always make sure to check the fabric contents of pieces before I buy them since the same style can be made from different fabrics. Some might be made from viscose or polyester and some from organic cotton or silk. So if you are particular about your fabrics you always need to check the Details & Composition section. Sézane pieces aren’t cheap so if I’m spending that much money on a blouse I want to make sure it’s made from silk instead of polyester. I see this especially with their lace blouses. Some are made primarily of polyester and some are made from primarily cotton. I don’t like the feel of polyester so I always avoid it.

Where to Buy Sézane in the US

Obviously, you can buy Sézane pieces directly from www.sezane.com/us. But you can also find Sézane brick and mortar stores across the US!

And keep an eye out for pop-up shops throughout the year!

Tips for ordering from sézane

Sézane has large seasonal drops (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) as well as smaller monthly drops and weekly restocks with a few new items. The main drops always happen on a Sunday at 9:30am Paris time which is 3:30am EST and 12:30am PST. The large seasonal collections are very popular so if there’s a particular item you want, you’ll need to set your alarms! What I usually do is go through the online lookbook the day before and figure out what I’d like to buy. I set my alarm for 3:30am and check out as soon as possible! Sézane will restock some pieces at 9am EST on launch day for the US crowd but that’s not a gaurantee that an item will be available.

Sézane has definitely gotten more popular in recent years and I’ve noticed things sell out quickly. Definitely utilize the Back In Stock notifications button and add things to your Wishlist. That makes it easier to be notified when and item in your size becomes available again. Sézane also does mini restocks on Wednesdays so that’s when you’ll most likely see items come back in stock.


The great thing about Sézane is that they offer FREE shipping and FREE returns for orders over $200. So go ahead and order two sizes if you are unsure! Returns are really easy and I’ve never had a problem. Just make sure your order from the US is under $800 or you will be charged customs fees.

Sézane ships directly from France and is really fast! I usually get my packages 2-3 day after I place my order. I have noticed that on launch days shipping usually takes a little longer. And there have been a few times when my order has taken almost 2 weeks for no apparent reason. But usually packages arrive in a timely manner. I’ve been ordering since 2017 and even if I’ve had a problem, Sézane has had great customer service.

Does Sézane Have Sales?

Unfortunately, Sézane doesn’t really do sales. During some holidays or special events Sézane will offer a $20 off coupon code. And in January/February and June/July they will have Archive sales where they offer previous collection pieces at a lower price. Be sure to sign up for their emails to be alerted!

Sézane also has an app to make it easy to shop. They will also offer exclusive discount codes on the app as well. I’ve noticed that during a promotion they will have different discount codes on the website and app which will give you different surprises. So it’s a good idea to check both!

Other than that, your best bet for finding Sézane at a discount is shopping secondhand from sites like Poshmark, TheRealReal and ThredUp. P.S. I occasionally sell my gently worn Sézane pieces on my Poshmark!

More Sézane Reviews

I do a TON of more detailed Sézane reviews throughout the month on my blog and YouTube Channel. Check out my seasonal Sézane clothing reviews for the best Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter pieces. And my most current YouTube Sézane review:

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