Sézane Floral Dress + Basket Bag Outfit

I’m so excited for summer because that means I can pull out all of my dresses and summer purses! I recently put together this floral dress + basket bag outfit and I’m so in love with the combo. It just screams summer! Sézane is one of my favorite places to shop for cute dresses and bag and I feel like this year in particular they have a great selection!

I work with Sézane on a gifting basis but all opinions are my own!

Sézane Floral Dress + Basket Bag Outfit

Sézane floral dress and basket bag outfit

Sézane Marguarita Dress Review

Measurements: 33-29-39, 30D, 128lbs

I was attracted to the Marguarita dress because I thought it was sexy and sweet. I love the blue floral print and the lacey open back. It also looked like a dress that was pretty adjustable size-wise and I always appreciate that. This dress also comes in a pretty leopard print but I felt like that print was more appropriate for evening and date nights. The floral print seemed more everyday-wear to me.

Size and Fit

I’m usually a size 6 in Sézane dresses and bottoms but after watching a YouTube review of someone wearing this dress I thought I might be able to fit in the size 4. So I’m wearing the size 4 and I do think it works! I definitely could have fit in the size 6 as well but I think I like the tighter fit of the size 4. Since the back ties are adjustable you are able to make it tighter or looser. You can see that the strings are pretty far apart because I loosened it up a lot to fit in it. If you prefer a tighter woven back you should take your usual size. If you are in-between sizes you can get away with taking your smaller size.

Lace up back floral midi dress


This dress is made from 100% viscose. Viscose isn’t my favorite fabric because I feel like it’s more susceptible to shrinking. I did feel like after hand-washing this dress in cold water and line drying it did feel a little stiffer and tighter. To get the fabric to loosen up a bit I find that ironing the dress while slightly damp works. You’ll want to turn the dress inside out and iron on a low setting. In general, I feel like viscose is kind of a delicate fabric. So when in doubt you can always take it to the dry cleaner.

Sézane Marguarita Dress with Justine Basket Bag

I do kind of wish the dress was made out of silk (and for the price I think it should be make of silk too). However, Sézane does actually have a similar dress, called the Aloise, that’s made from silk! It’s available in 3 colors. The Aloise dress is lined whereas the Marguarita dress is unlined. But you can’t see through the Marguarita dress so it’s not really a big deal.

What Type of Bra to Wear with Backless Dresses

Just wanted to mention I am wearing sticky cups with this dress! Obviously, the back and thin straps means you can wear a bra or even strapless bra. But I actually love sticky cup bras. I find them really comfortable and easy to wear. I prefer sticky cups with a clasp in the middle because I feel like it keeps things secure and even gives a little cleavage. The sticky cups I’m wearing are from Amazon but I’m really interested in trying out these sticky bras from Gatherall.

floral dress + basket bag outfit from Sézane

Sézane Justine Bag Review

I’m so excited about Sézane’s selection of basket bags and straw bags this season! And when I saw the Justing Bag I got SO excited. I love the Loewe basket bag and I feel like this is a great dupe. I actually really wanted the Mini Justine Bag because it looked so cute but it sold out SO FAST. The regular size Justine bags in tan leather also sold out before I was able to order. So the Justine in this navy leather was kind of my third choice.

Straw Basket Bag with drawstring pouch

I still really love it though and think it will go with a ton of my summer outfits. This basket bag is also a great size. I thought it would be too big at first but it’s actually perfect. And I love that it has a drawstring pouch attached to the inside. That way you are able to keep smaller items and valuable secure! I can put my keys, wallet, and lipsticks in the pouch and still have enough room for larger items like a book, pair of flats, or light cardigan in the tote. The double handle situation is also really nice. The straw is not stiff so the bag is not super structured. I like this because it means it can easily fold up in a suitcase for vacation. Overall, highly recommend this as a spring/summer bag. I hope they restock it in all sizes and colors soon!

Summer straw bag and dress outfit

Outfit Details: Sézane Dress c/o || Sézane Bag c/o || Sarah Flint Sandals c/o || Look Optic Sunglasses c/o || Kinn Jewelry Necklace c/o

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