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Sézane Essentials: What to Buy from this Popular French Fashion Brand

Sezane Essentials, What to buy from this French Fashion Brand

I’ve been a fan of Sézane for a couple years now and usually pick up a few items every season. So it goes without saying that I’ve got quite a few pieces in my collection! However, I know that Sézane pieces aren’t cheap and a lot of people have to save up to buy from them. So I thought I’d round up the best Sézane Essentials to buy so that you don’t end up wasting money!

P.S. Check out my Sézane Essentials Part 2 for the best Sézane fall and winter pieces!

About Sézane

Sézane was born in France in 2013, created by Morgan Sézalory and based on her love of vintage clothing. The idea behind Sézane is to create high-quality, luxury pieces that last a lifetime, available at a fair price. They are also committed to transparency and ethical production at their ateliers. Sézane is also working towards more sustainable practices and materials such as increasing the amount of eco-friendly materials in their clothes, reducing the amount of packaging, and recycling initiatives.

Sézane Essentials

Most of the items I’m featuring below happen to be part of the Sézane Essentials Collection. These are pieces that make up an iconic French Wardrobe and are usually brought back every year as a part of the Sézane core collection. However, Sézane has added quite a few pieces to their Essentials Collection over the years and will often rotate pieces in and out. I’ve found that I relate more to their Top 15 List – which are more basic pieces that make up a timeless wardrobe. You can see most of the pieces from their Top 15 List below!

What to Buy from Sézane

Gaspard Cardigan

The Gaspard Cardigan is probably their most popular sweater and can be worn as a cardigan. Not only that but it can be worn forwards or backwards, making this a very versatile piece. It comes in a variety of colors but I love the neutral shades: off-white, grey, and camel. It’s made of a mix of mohair, alpaca, and polyamide giving it a slightly fuzzy texture.  (A lot of their knitwear has a similar feel – it’s slightly fuzzy due to the mohair and also a bit stretchy.) I usually buy a size small in their knitwear. I can fit in an XS but I found that I like the slightly bigger fit for my sweaters.

Léontine Jumper

The Léontine Jumper is a 100% cotton sweater with small buttons down the front. This is one of my favorite year round sweaters. Since it’s cotton, I’m able to wear it on cooler spring/summer days and nights. I also like the weight of this sweater and how it lays. I’m wearing the size small and I think it runs TTS. I’m love it so much I bought it in navy stripe too!

Scott Trench Coat

Everyone needs a classic trench coat and the Scott Trench is the perfect addition to any closet. I love that it’s a classic design but with unique details that make it stand out from other trench coats. It’s made from 100% organic cotton, lined, and water repellent. It also has a back slit with buttons, which I think is a cool details.

I’m wearing the size 4, which is my usual size. I would say it runs TTS but if I were to buy it again I think I would size up to a 6. That would give it a more relaxed vibe and be a little more comfortable when I’m wearing thicker sweaters.

Tomboy Shirt

Everyone needs a classic button-up shirt in their wardrobe and the Tomboy is Sézane’s version of the boyfriend shirt. It’s a casual button-up with feminine-masculine vibes. It’s available in white, blue, large stripe, and small stripe and they are all 100% cotton. The fabric of this shirt is more relaxed – it’s definitely not a crisp button-up. And I can’t speak to the feel of the other colors but my blue shirt is slightly textured.

You can also get the Tomboy Shirt embroidered for free! Mine says “Mum of Boys” above! Occasionally, Sézane will offer FREE embroidering on some of their pieces. The Tomboy Shirt, Colette, Will Jacket, and more are eligible!

Max Shirt

Sézane recently came out with an oversized version of the Tomboy Shirt called the Max Shirt. I’m so happy they did because I’ve been wanting a more oversized button down. Technically, you could size up in the Tomboy but you still wouldn’t achieve the same fit as the Max Shirt. So I think it’s definitely worth trying the Max if you want that effortlessly cool oversized look.

I went with my usual size 4 in the Max Shirt and it’s definitely oversized. I could have sized down but I wanted that really oversized look so I’m happy with it. I bought the white version first and then the striped version because I loved it so much.

Milo Classic Bag

The Milo Classic Bag is an update to their original Milo Bag. This iteration includes a brass clasp instead of a toggle. I think the update makes it really chic and timeless. I also think the size is great – not too big and not too small. It has plenty of compartments as well – a large inner compartment and two smaller compartments. There’s a zipper pocket and patch pocket inside as well. The Milo Classic comes in several leather options.

Colette Mariniere

A striped shirt is a French classic and the Colette Mariniere is the perfect year round striped shirt. What I love about the Colette top is that it’s 100% organic cotton but it has a weight to it. It’s not quite a t-shirt and not quite a sweater. Usually, my striped tees end up looking a little worn out after awhile. But because the Colette top is a thick cotton, it always looks nice. I also love the button detail on the shoulder. It’s a cute update to the classic striped tee.

I’m wearing size small, which is my usual size. If you are planning on layering shirts underneath (like in the website photos) I would size up. My size small is kind of fitted in my arm area and fits a little boxy in the body.

Pierro Shirt

The Pierro Shirt isn’t on Sézane’s Essential list right now but I have two versions of this button down and I love it! It’s a long sleeve button down shirt with a classic collar and straight cut. It’s available every season in different colors and prints. I have it in a silk polka dot print and a textured floral cotton. I think this shirt is a must-have because of all the fun prints it comes in. It’s a shirt you’ll want to order over and over again because the designs are so fun!

The Pierro Shirt from Sezane, Sezane Basics

Florence Shirt

This is a pajama style long sleeve shirt that comes in cute seasonal prints. I have this shirt in a camel colored textured print in 100% silk. The material of the shirt varies depending on what print you choose but a lot of the prints are 100% silk. I’m wearing size 36 which is the equivalent to size 4. This shirt always felt slightly bigger than my other size 36 shirts. But that might be because the V neckline is deeper so I felt a little more exposed.

The Florence Silk Shirt from Sezane Essentials Collection

Palma Top

The Palma Silk Tank is a beautiful silk tank with open embroidery details. This is an all year top, in my opinion. It can be worn by itself in the summer with skirts and shorts or in the cooler months layered under cardigans. I’m wearing size 4 and found it true to size.

Jenni Kayne Cashmere Cocoon Cardigan Outfit

Will Jacket

This oversized denim jacket is definitely a staple piece. It’s a light jacket or overshirt that comes in a variety of fabrics – from denim to suede to linen. But what I love about it is the cut. It just sits so nicely on the body. The length is really great too – not too long and not too short. The Will jacket is released every year in a variety of colors and fabrics and always sells out pretty fast. I was able to pick it up recently in the Indigo Blue color. If it comes back in stock I would love to get the Camel color as well.

Jack Sneakers

The Jack Sneakers are a classic white leather trainer. They come in several different colors and materials but I love the classic white. I also chose the Eyelet Ecru version which has larger laces and gold hardware (doesn’t seem to be available right now but I hope they bring them back!). The classic jack sneaker has the traditional laces. But I think this updated version is really cute! It’s a little more fun and feminine.

The Jack Sneaker comes in whole sizes. I’m usually an 8.5 or 9 and I went with the 9. I definitely couldn’t have sized down so I would say these run a bit small. I’ve tried other size 9 Sézane shoes and they have been too big. They are pretty comfortable too. I don’t have a problem wearing them all day.

Sézane Essentials YouTube Try-On

You can see some of these pieces in action on my YouTube channel!

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  1. Have you tried washing the Clara trousers yet? I notice that colourway is dry clean only, which is a bit of a deterrent. But they look so beautiful ><

    1. I actually haven’t washed them yet…haha. But I hand wash and line dry all of my clothes – including dry clean only (like silk) – and I’ve never had a problem!

  2. Hi! I’ve only just discovered Sézane and am completely in love. Thanks for your helpful post! A question I’m hoping you can help me with – what’s the difference between the tomboy shirt and the pierro? Besides the fact that the pierro sometimes comes in silk. Are they different cuts / fits?

    Love your style!

    1. I’m glad it was helpful! I just took a look at the Pierro and Tomboy and the cuts are very similar. The difference is the fabrics – the Tomboy is definitely a thicker cotton. And the Tomboy has a pocket on the front as well. That’s about it!

      1. Thank you so much! This is really helpful. It’s hard to tell just by looking online what the difference is between all their different shirts…

  3. Have you by chance hand washed the pants yet? I’m guessing so since it’s been a year, haha! Your post actually came up because I googled “sezane pants dry clean only tips.” I bought two pants a few months ago and didn’t realize they were dry clean! I want to hand wash them but I’m afraid! So I’m wondering if you have this pair or any of their other trousers and if it was successful! Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. Yes I have! haha… They turned out fine 🙂 I don’t notice any difference. I always hand wash (and air dry) my dry clean only items – even silk.