September Budget

1) ASOS Crop Top: $32.06 (on sale) (seen here)
I saw this top on a couple of bloggers and thought it was so fun! But it was still a little more than I was willing to spend for a top that was kind of out of my comfort zone.  When it went on sale I knew I had to give it a shot!

2) Old Navy Military Style Vest: $26.20 (with 25% off)
A military vest has been on my wish list for awhile.  And I just really liked the style of this ON one! 

3) Old Navy Shirt Dress: $26.20 (with 25% off)
This was another purchase I made after seeing it on Jenny from Crazy Style Love.  I just loved the print and style and I couldn’t beat the price.  

I thought that I might just save up for a real leather skirt because even faux leather can be expensive so why not get the real thing? But when I saw this skirt for this price I said “what the heck!” The faux leather actually doesn’t look fake which is nice.

5) (Similar) Anthropologie Beaded Sash Belt: $14.95
This was a splurge purchase as I was browsing the sale racks at Anthro.  This isn’t the exact one I got but the idea is the same.  I think this belt will be a fun addition to dresses and skirts! 

6) Coach Willis Bag: umm…$243…(with 25% off)
So this was a totally unexpected purchase.  I’ve been dying to get this bag for over a year. It was the only thing I asked for for Christmas and my birthday but none of my family understands my love for nice bags so they thought it was ridiculous to spend that much money on one thing…haha.  I really thought this was a lost cause…haha! Thank goodness for Labor Day sales! I got a coupon for 25% off at Coach and I felt like now was the time!  My husband and I have both been working a lot so we have some extra money at the moment and my husband generously bought the bag for me! Thanks Dear! I’m feeling very spoiled at the moment and can’t believe I actually have this bag! 

7) H&M Sleeveless Blouse: $7 (on clearance – not pictured) (seen here)
You can’t go wrong with a black sleeveless blouse! Plus the price was ridiculously awesome!

Total (without bag): $131.36

See guys? I did really well sticking with my budget of $150 if you don’t count the bag! The total is $374.36 with the bag.  Maybe we’ll pretend that it’s an early Christmas present??

Did you guys stick to your budget this month?

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  1. I think you made some really, really great purchases! Willis is a gorgeous bag, I have the black and I'm seriously considering adding another to my collection. I was a little annoyed someone threw away my 25% off coupon, but I'm sure they will send another before the holidays.

    I just bought the windowpane dress too… it was just too cute not to!