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Sephora Skincare + Beauty Picks

I’m sure you’ve all heard by now…Sephora is having their Spring Savings Event where you can save 10-20% off your order! It is a tiered sale based on your loyalty level:

Rouge Members receive 20% off until May 1st, VIB Members receive 15% off until April 29th, and Beauty Insiders receive 10% off their purchase until April 27th.

The membership levels are based on how much you spend there during the year but the good news is – it’s free and easy to become a Beauty Insider to take advantage of the 10% off. All you have to do is sign up here! There are other benefits to becoming a Beauty Insider – including free birthday gifts every year! I happen to be on the Beauty Insider level and it is fun to get my Birthday reward every year!

And while 10% off isn’t a huge discount, it is beneficial to stock up on brands that don’t normally offer discounts. Every dollar you spend at Sephora as a Beauty Insider also gives you points that you are able to cash in later for rewards (which are usually trial sizes of their most popular products). And since I’m really into my skincare and beauty self-care right now because off the quarantine I thought I’d share my favorite products that are available at Sephora in case you are looking to try some new things!

Summer Fridays, Ouai, Tula, Biossance, Rose Skincare Products

My Sephora Skincare + Beauty Picks


Skincare Picks

Drunk Elephant Products

Drunk Elephant is one of those brands that NEVER has sales (seriously, I waited a whole year for them to have a sale and they never did). So I always get my Drunk Elephant products during a Sephora sale. I’ve also been able to get travel size Drunk Elephant products as Birthday Rewards in the past which is nice! I’m currently using the Beste Jelly Cleanser and I need to stock up on it again. Everyone raves about the Babyfacial and I’d love to try but I’m not supposed to use it while breastfeeding. All of their other products (besides retinol) are safe to use during pregnancy/breastfeeding because they are  a truly CLEAN beauty brand.


Biossance Products

You KNOW I’m a huge fan of Biossance products and they are also available at Sephora! Biossance does have better sales than 10% off but if you shop a lot at Sephora and are looking to get those Sephora Rewards you might want to pick something up. I would recommend any of their products because they’re all so good. You can read my full Biossance Skincare Review post here.


Drunk Elephant Cleanser, Moisturizer, and sunscreen at Sephora

Supergoop! Products

Wearing sunscreen is SO important and Supergoop makes great sunscreen products. I love their Superscreen Daily Moisturizing lotion! I also like that they have a SPF lotion specifically for your hands – Handscreen! Hands are one of the first places we start to show aging so it’s important to keep some of this in your purse to reapply during the day. They have a ton of other SPF products for all parts of your body.


Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

I have pretty dry lips so I’ve been on the hunt for something that provides a ton of moisture. I picked up the Laneige Lip Sleeping mask and I LOVE it. It really feels like a super hydrating mask for your lips. It’s pretty thick so I like to wear it to bed at night. Laneige has masks for your face as well and I’d be really interested to try those out.


Facial Cleansing Brush

I’ve had a Clarisonic for a few years now and I really like it! I feel like it gets my face a lot cleaner. You can use any gel or cream cleanser with it (I use the Drunk Elephant Jelly Cleanser). The only downside is, the brush heads don’t last forever so you need to replace them. But there are several brush head options depending on what you are looking for. I also just got the PMD Clean because I liked the idea of a silicone brush head that you didn’t have to replace. I think it works well but I like how the Clarisonic feels on my skin better. The FOREO also has really good reviews but I’ve never tried it.


Beauty Picks

lilah b.

This is a brand that I don’t hear a lot of influencers talking about right now but it’s turned into one of my favorite beauty brands! Lilah b. is all about multi-purpose products to simplify your beauty routine. But my favorite thing about the brand is the packaging! I’m obsessed! My favorite products from lilah b. are the Tinted Lip Oils. They keep my lips moisturized and provide beautiful color!


Lilah b., Charlotte Tilbury, Clean, at Sephora

IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream SPF 50+

This is my favorite “foundation” and a blogger favorite as well. I don’t really consider it a foundation because it feels lighter to me. It still provides excellent coverage so I don’t feel like I have to apply a lot. I use my beauty blender to apply to my face. I also love that it has SPF in it! I’ve also used the it Cosmetics concealer and I like that a lot too!


Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick

This is a perfect pinkish nude lipstick. It’s definitely one of my go-to lipsticks. I don’t think I need to say any more than that!


Hair Picks

Seed Phytonutrients

This is a natural hair care brand with THE COOLEST packaging. First of all, the products work. I’ve used the shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. But the best part is the eco-friendly packaging! Bonus – inside the bottle is a packet of seeds to plant!


Living Proof

This dry shampoo has technology that cleans your hair while absorbing oil. I use this when I need to keep my hair fresh between washes. P.S. I can go at least 5 days without washing my hair thanks to dry shampoo!


What I Bought During the Sale

I’m almost done with my Drunk Elephant Cleanser so I ordered another one. I haven’t tried the lilah b. Cleansing Butter yet so I ordered the mini size to see if I like it. And finally, I ordered the Chloé Eau de Parfum Mini Set just for fun!

Other Products I Currently Use That Are Available At Sephora

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