Self-Care Practices during Quarantine

Self-care during quarantine, aka Self “Care-antine”, is really essential during this crazy time. Even if you are lucky enough to not have your day-to-day life and schedule change that much, the overall state of the country and news of the coronavirus is sure to effect most people in a negative way.

As someone who spends the majority of my time at home with two kids, I’ve had to find simple ways to bring some peace into my life without leaving home. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite ways to practice self-care below!

Self-Care Practices While Staying At Home

At Home Masks and Facials

Even if you just take 10 minutes out of the day to do a mask or give yourself a mini facial it makes a big difference. I look forward to my nightly skincare routine everyday because it just makes me feel so much better. Plus, it’s great for your skin! Here are some of my favorite masks:

Biossance Glycolic Renewal Facial

I’ve talked about this Biossance 3-in-1 product before because it’s AMAZING! It’s a peel, exfoliator, and mask in one. To use, rub the product on clean skin and let sit for 3-10 minutes, then rinse off. The glycolic acid and other AHA’s act as a peel to chemically exfoliate the skin. The mineral spheres physically exfoliate the skin to slough away dead skin cells. So you are left with super smooth and glowing skin! If you are new to using this product it does sting a little bit because of the AHA’s. But after using it one or two times your skin adjusts and you can leave it on longer. Now I can go the full 10 minutes without much irritation.

Summer Friday's R+R Mask

Summer Friday’s R+R Mask

This mask is really decadent and feels like something you’d get at a spa. It smells like roses and has rose flower powder to exfoliate the skin. To use: apply to dry skin and rub product in. L\eave sit for 10 minutes and remove with a damp cloth. This mask is slightly messy because the rose pieces are hard to get off completely. But it feels very rich and the combination of oils in the mask are luxurious and nourishing.

Botnia Hydration Mask

I had this Botnia mask applied during a facial at Cheeks and Co. and it felt SO. GOOD. It was so cooling and hydrating and felt amazing on my skin. Botnia is also a clean skincare brand so you know that only the good stuff is going on your skin. I plan on buying this mask ASAP.

Take Time to Gua Sha or use a Jade Roller

Gua Sha is the act of scraping your skin with a tool to increase blood flow and stimulate the lymphatic system. When done properly it can give you a mini face lift and make you look less puffy. Despite the “scraping” movement it doesn’t actually hurt. You use a jade Gua Sha tool and gently move it in upward and outward motions across the face. People are paying big bucks to get the Gua Sha facial at spas but it’s totally do-able at home too. There are tons of videos on YouTube and Instagram now. Just make sure you watch one from a trusted skincare professional because there is a wrong way to do it. I’m loving Primally Pure’s IGTV video on how to Gua Sha!

Jade Roller with Biossance Vitamin C Rose Oil

While Gua Sha is more intense, you can also use jade or rose quartz rollers for a similar effect. Jade rollers are great for de-puffing and it just feels so good! Tip: keep it in the fridge for a cooling effect to help de-puff even better!

For both the Gua Sha and Jade rollers you will need to apply a facial lotion or serum to make it easier for the tool to glide along the skin. I LOVE the Biossance Vitamin C Rose Oil.

Take a Bath

I LOVE taking baths – preferably with a glass of wine. Unfortunately, I don’t take baths often because the tub at my apartment is just gross… So if you have a nice bathtub consider yourself super lucky and use the darn thing! If you have the time to take a soak it can be a great way to relax and recharge. Read a book, listen to music, or practice some meditation techniques.

Bastide Bath Oil

Use a Bath Bomb or Bath Oil

Bath bombs make taking a bath more fun! I love watching them fizz and dissolve in the water. There are a ton of bath bomb options from LUSH but you can really find them anywhere. Now is a great time to buy some bath bombs from a small business. These “Chill Pills” from OUAI seem really relaxing and I’d love to give them a try!

Bath oils are very luxurious and make your skin feel really soft. I currently have a bath oil from Bastide – one of my favorite French beauty brands.

Diffuse Oils and Light Candles

It really amazing how scents can lift your mood! Diffusing essential oils is a great way to get your favorite scent to fill the room. What I love about essential oils is that you can find one to help for every type of concern and ailment. You can also mix oils to create custom blends. So not only do they smell great, but it’s a fun thing to experiment with! My favorite diffuser and oils come from Vitruvi. But there are so many different types out there if you are looking for a more affordable diffuser. I would buy the essential oils from a trusted source because you want them to be pure and strong.

Vitruvi Essential Oil Diffuser

I’ve pretty much had a candle burning everyday while in quarantine. The glow of a candle along with a lovely scent is instantly stress relieving. My absolute favorite candles come from P.F. Candle Co. and my favorite scent for relaxation is Lavender (and they have the best Lavender candle that I’ve ever tried!). They are a small business based out of California so if you are looking to support a small biz, this is a good one. Brooklyn Candle Studio is also one of my favorite candle companies because their candles are so chic and they smell great!

Go Natural

Now is a great time to give your hair, nails, lashes, and skin a break from all the “stuff”. Give your nails a chance to breath, let your natural lashes grow long and healthy, and give your hair a break from all the styling. My lash extensions are looking rough right now but I’m excited to let them rest a little and try a lash serum to strengthen and grow my natural lashes. My nails are also pretty rough now as well because my gel manicure just chipped off. So I’ll be using some cuticle oil and nourishing polish to strengthen them up.

Now is a good time to train your hair to go several days without washing! Since no one is seeing you it doesn’t matter if your hair is greasy for a few days! I did this a few years ago and now I can go 4-5 days without washing my hair. It’s a huge time saver and once you do go back to the office or back to work, you’ll be glad that you don’t have to wash your hair everyday! To train your hair to go without washing you just need some dry shampoo and use that on the days you don’t wash your hair. Pretty soon you won’t even need to use dry shampoo!

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Practice Gratitude and Give Back

When the situation you’re in feels out of control it’s good to focus on what you do have control of. You have control of where you focus your attention and you have control of your actions. I know it feels like we’ve lost a lot of our freedoms and I know a lot of people feel helpless in a situation where you physically can’t be there for the people you love. But what we can do is donate money, time, and resources to those in need. Doing so not only makes you feel good but it also gives you a sense of control over the situation. You can shop local to help small business that might be struggling. You can donate to GoFundMe’s. You can buy or sew masks that can be donated to a hospital. Even just spreading the news of ways to help people in need on your social media accounts can be helpful. Giving back looks different to everyone and there is no right way.

It’s also a good time to practice gratitude for what you do have and to appreciate the little things. We have our health, we have food, we have toilet paper! Try keeping a gratitude journal and spending a few minutes each day writing down things that you are thankful for. The simple act of thinking positively can have a big impact on your stress level.

Check in with Loved Ones

I know a lot of people are scheduling video chats with friends and family during this time and that’s great! You can plan a “happy hour” get together with your girlfriends over video. Or FaceTime your family in the middle of the day because, why not? My family has been using the Facebook Portal for years now and we LOVE IT! I got one when I did a sponsored post for them years ago but we loved it so much we bought my parents and my parents-in-law. The thing that makes the Portal different from other video chatting devices is that it has a Smart Camera which can follow you around the room. It sounds kind of creepy but its not…haha. It makes it easy when you have toddlers who are running around the room because the video follows so everyone is always in frame. Other features we love include the interactive stories that the grandparents can read to Harrison to keep him occupied while I get stuff done! It also has internet and app capabilities so I’m able to stream music or look up recipes to use in the kitchen. It’s 100% worth it, in my opinion, and I’d love to get one for every member of our family. You don’t have to have a Portal to chat with someone else who has a Portal because you can video chat with anyone who has FB Messenger. So we are still able to chat with my brother and sister because they use FB Messenger. If I haven’t convinced you, check out this article (beware language). It does a good job of explaining what I’m trying to…haha.

Final Thoughts on Self-Care

The above tips are how I like to practice self-care but self-care looks different for everyone. The point is to find something that makes you happy (no matter how small) and incorporate it into your daily routine. It could be waking up a few minutes early to enjoy a cup of coffee in peace. Or taking a walk to clear your mind. Or baking a batch of cookies. Whatever makes you happy!

Remember – you might feel lonely but you aren’t alone. Everyone is going through self-quarantine right now. A lot of people have lost their jobs. A lot of people are struggling. So chances are, there is someone you can reach out to who is feeling the same way. And if you ever need someone to talk to you can always email me (jeansandateacup@gmail.com) or DM me on Instagram (@jeansandateacup). I’m happy to lend an ear!

What are some ways you practice self-care?

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