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Who knew A History of Western Music would help my favorite TV shows come in clearer?
Seriously, does anyone use their textbooks from college after college? Are they collecting dust on the shelves?  Maybe you use them for better TV reception like I do! (I’m not even joking!)
I’m happy to introduce you guys to I’m no longer in college but if I had known about this website I think I would have saved a lot of money! And more money = more shopping so I’m all for that! Or I guess you could use the extra dough to pay off your college loans but that’s not as fun! is a website where you can rent textbooks instead of buying them for a fraction of the cost.  And if you rent a book and then decide you want to keep it, you only pay the difference between what you paid and the cost of the book.  

Some of the perks include:

– 40-90% off bookstore prices
– Free shipping both ways
– You can highlight in the textbooks
– flexible renting periods

And guess what?!
You can rent textbooks you already own to other students through! Just got to, search to see if your book is rentable, ship the books for free, the books get rented out to other students, and you GET PAID! That means you could make 2-4X more money compared to just selling your book.

But what I really like about is that they are Making a Difference.  They’ve partnered with Operation Smile and donate a portion of their proceeds to them.  Operation Smile performs life changing cleft lip and palate reconstructive surgeries on children whose families can’t afford it.  How great is it that you can save money and help contribute to a great organization?!

P.S. Sorry for the lack of outfit posts this week.  My photographer, aka my husband, has been working crazy hours which means no outfit photos.  But next week I’ll be back with a double dose of outfits!

*This is a sponsored post.  However, all opinions are my own and I only feature items or companies that I would use or support!*

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  1. Oh hi you two! (just followed you on Pin, BL and Twit) I know the dr that does operation smile. Well, not personally but my sis's friend is married to him and I have met her. Cool. Your comments about minty green were so nice to read. Thank you!!! 😀

  2. What a great idea! Believe it or not I put mine out at a garage sale with a bunch of other books and people bought them.


  3. is a credible site and often has the best rental prices. However always do a Textbook Price Comparison. For example this particular nursing book:

    Price Compare Medical-Surgical Nursing: 9780323065702

    You will see that you can buy a used copy for a few dollars more than the price of a rental – no need to worry about returning on time, plus you may be able to resell the book.