Rouje Paris Lip, Cheek, and Eye Palette Review

Rouje Lip Palette Review

Rouje Beauty

Did you know one of my favorite French fashion brands, Rouje, also has a beauty line? It’s still pretty small and only contains lipstick shades and the palette you see above. (However – there is a Rouje Beauty Summer Line coming out on May 10th!) But I was actually surprised to find that the beauty line is reasonably priced, vegan, paraben and sulfate free, and fragrance free!

I was immediately drawn to the lip palette because I love the vintage gold case. I can’t resist good packaging and I thought it would look so pretty on my vanity! BUT I was also interested in the palette because it seemed like the best deal. The lipsticks cost $29 each and the palette with 4 shades costs $45! Of course, there isn’t as much product in the palette but if you are someone that likes variety and never finishes your lipstick tubes (like me) then this is great for you!

However, there isn’t much of a description of the colors in the palette on the website (the shades don’t even have names!) so I thought I’d give you a closer look at what they look like on an actual person.

Los Angeles Style Blogger wearing Kin the Label Hat, Kinn Studio Necklace, and Rouje Palette Lipstick

wearing Bright Red above (with a filter on the photo)

Lip Palette Application

I would say the consistency of the colors is between a cream and a lip tint. They go on pretty smooth and are buildable. They do dry slightly matte so I would recommend priming and moisturizing your lips before and after application – matte colors always make my lips dry! I would say they last as long as typical lipstick usually does. After eating and drinking you’re going to need to touch up. I usually just apply the color with my fingertips but for the bright red and the darker red shades it does help to use a lip brush to get more precise edges. But I think the idea of the lip palette colors is to not make them looks so precise – blurry edges are good!

Lip Palette Colors

The palette contains a bright red, brownish rose, deep plum, and dark berry red. From what I’ve read, the lip palette shades are a softer version of the lipstick shades JeanneLamia, and Camille. I think the brownish rose color is similar to the Emilie shade but I’m not quite sure. So if you have the palette shades you don’t necessarily need to order the individual lipsticks as well. (Jeanne, Lamia, Camille, + Emilie lipsticks also available here!)

Shop Lip Palettes + Lipsticks

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YouTube Rouje Palette Review

To see all the palette colors in action, check out my YouTube video below! I’m wearing all the shades plus showing how they look as cheek and eye colors. (2:20 is where I start demonstrating the colors).

Overall, I like the palette. The aesthetic is beautiful and the shades are nice. I like the convenience of having four shades in one compact. 

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