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Reebok Cotton + Corn Sustainable Sneakers

This post was sponsored by Reebok as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

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I’ve started to think more about the impact my clothes are having on the environment. That’s why I’ve been trying to wear more sustainable options – like this puffer jacket that’s made out of recycled water bottles and these sneakers that are made from COTTON + CORN!

Why Choose Sustainable Fashion? 

The fashion industry is the world’s second-largest polluter. Not only that, but people are consuming 400% more clothing today versus 20 years ago and wearing those piece less often. All of that excess fashion gets thrown out and ends up in landfills. So choosing fashion options that are conscious about their footprint on the environment is a HUGE step in fixing the problem.

Sustainable Sneakers

That’s why I was excited when I heard Reebok was making sustainable sneakers! Did you know that 100% of athletic footwear are made with petroleum oil to create the synthetic rubber and foam cushioning? Obviously, petroleum is NOT sustainable because it doesn’t replenish itself. That’s why these Reebok sneakers are so amazing. Not only do they look chic but they are made from things that grow! They have a cotton upper and corn based sole and are USDA certified 75% bio-based! These sneakers are also made with un-dyed materials to cut down on water pollution during manufacturing and packaged in recycled materials. They really are unlike any sneaker currently on the market!

Check out this video for more info on these sneakers!

How to Style Reebok Sneakers

I don’t usually wear loud and bright sneakers so I love that these are a nice neutral cream color. They literally go with everything! Even though they aren’t colorful, they still stand out against my all black outfit. I added this puffer in the same color to compliment the sneakers. The whole vibe of the outfit is laid back and a little sporty which is a great everyday look! I also think these sneakers would look great paired with a feminine dress or skirt. I could see myself wearing them with a cute floral dress soon!

I have to say, these sneakers are super comfy as well! They have a good amount of cushioning on the sole so my feet definitely felt supported. I would have no idea that they were made differently from regular sneakers!

You can shop the Reebok Cotton and Corn sneakers at Zappos!

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