5 Reasons to Join Snapchat – Especially as a Blogger

I know what you’re thinking – “I just can’t handle another social media platform right now!” – but I’m here to tell you that snapchat is something that you should join asap! Why? Because snapchat is here and isn’t going anywhere!

I was reaalllyy hesitant to sign up for snapchat at first. I didn’t get it and thought it was soo stupid and only for the young kids. But then I joined – just to see what it was all about – and now I have to say I’m kind of addicted. After instagram, it’s the social media platform that I use the most. I’m not always posting but I definitely watch everyone else’s snaps – usually first thing when I wake up and before I go to bed! It just feels like you get to know everyone so much better by following them on snapchat. So if you are looking for meaningful connection over social media you should really give a try!

5 Reasons you should join Snapchat:

1) Connect with your Audience: Snapchat is the best way to show your personality. Especially if you aren’t the best at coming up with engaging copy in your blog posts or instagram captions (me!). Your followers get to hear your voice and see “the real you” much easier on snapchat than any other social media platform which can lead to more engaged followers (which is what we all want). And right now snapchat is not super stylized (like instagram). Snaps don’t have to look perfect and you don’t have to worry as much about the “style” of your snaps. So if you are someone that’s fed up with overly perfect social feeds this is the perfect social platform for you!

2) Connect with Brands: A lot of my favorite brands also have snapchat accounts and it’s a great way to get a behind the scenes look at their process and new things in the works. You can send a snap directly to a brand and get an answer back. I’ve done it before! Recently, a brand I follow snapped about a private event happening in my area and I sent them a snap asking if I could show up! (Why not?!) They responded back and said they would let me know about the next one coming up.

3) Find a Job: That’s right – brands are hiring through snapchat! I was following a brand on snapchat and they asked for snapchat applications for several positions they had opening up. This is a great option if you are someone who has trouble with the typical job application process.

4) Be the first to know: A lot of bloggers and brands show future content on snapchat before they share it on any other social media account. Be the first to know about events, product launches and posts! I know I usually snap the things I’m buying way before I mention it on the blog.

5) Reserve your Name: If you are a blogger you definitely need to sign up – even if it’s just to reserve your username. You never know if one day you’ll need to to join either because you changed your mind or a sponsored opportunity requires it. It would be a shame to try to sign up and your blog name is taken! As a blogger you want to try to have consistency across all channels so if all of my social media accounts are @Jeansandateacup it would be weird for my snapchat account to be something like @JTCblog. You also don’t want someone else to take your username and start posting as you!

What do you think? Did I convince you to join?? If you are a blogger let me know your username so I can follow you (I don’t follow people back unless I know who they are). I’m only following about 20 people so I need more friends!

How to add me:

1) Download the app.

2) Take a picture of this snapcode in the app and you’ll automatically add me! It’s that simple! Or add me by username: jeansandateacup.


I’ll have a tutorial post about how to actually use Snapchat coming up soon! Because if you’re like me I have a hard time figuring out new social media platforms!

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  1. I love snapchat! I held out for so long, but I finally dove in this past January. It’s so fun to follow celebs and other bloggers, but I also love it for seeing photos of my baby nephew!