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Pumpkin Spice Outfit: Corduroy Pants + Textured Cotton Sweater

I used to be obsessed with the Pumpkin Spice Latte…and all things pumpkin in general. I still do love pumpkin but now I think I prefer to wear it as opposed to eating it! So when I got this pumpkin colored textured sweater and these brown corduroy pants I thought they’d create the perfect Pumpkin Spice Outfit. (Keep reading for a discount code!!)

Pumpkin Spice Outfit

Everlane Corduroy Pants

I got a pair of these wide leg corduroy pants last year and I loved them so much I decided to get another pair! They feel similar to Everlane’s wide leg crop pants – except they are longer and don’t have pockets. The result is a comfortable 70’s inspired fit. They come in several colors but I got the ‘Toasted Coconut’. I like this shade because it’s a light, neutral shade that goes with a lot. (The color in my photos is a little more saturated and warm than in real life. The color on the website is more accurate).

Pumpkin Spice Outfit: Everlane Corduroy Pants, Amour Vert Textured Cotton Sweater

Everlane Corduroy Pants Review

I found these pants run true to size – the same as their cropped wide leg pants. I’m wearing the size 4. I do like that these are longer (they hit right at my ankle and I’m 5’8″) because it makes them more wearable for fall. I do kind of wish they had big pockets though. I always find myself trying to put my phone in my back pocket – but I can’t! There are those tiny little welt pockets in the front – but really, what can you fit in there? I also find that these pants accentuate my “mommy tummy”, which might not be the most flattering but I don’t care. I think the corduroy is really soft and comfortable and I enjoy wearing these pants!

Pumpkin Spice Outfit featuring Everlane Wide Leg Corduory Pants and Amour Vert Sweater on Lancaster County blogger on the farm

Amour Vert Textured Cotton Sweater

Amour Vert has been a brand on my radar for awhile because they are an ethical and sustainable fashion brand (and they make really cute pieces). I finally got a chance to try them out when the brand gifted me this sweater. I really loved the rust color and how the textured stitching looks kind of like little hearts!

Get 15% off your purchase at Amour Vert with code ‘JESSICA-15’ (valid through 11/14/21)

Amour Vert Sweater Review

I’m wearing the size small and it is slightly oversized in the body. I probably could have taken the XS. The neck is a bit tighter though so keep that in mind if you decide to size down. It’s also 100% organic cotton so I feel like it will stretch out a little bit.

Amour Vert Campbell Cotton Sweater

Together, I think this Amour Vert sweater and Everlane corduroy pants make the perfect Pumpkin Spice Outfit!

Outfit Details:

Amour Vert Sweater c/o || Everlane Corduroy Pants c/o || Everlane Flats

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