Pick Me An Outfit + A Giveaway!

I’m excited to introduce you to Caroline – one of my sponsors and a blogger I’ve gotten to know recently! I love how she incorporates leather pieces into a lot of her outfits…this is one of my favorites! She’s also giving away bracelet sets to FOUR lucky winners so make sure to enter below and also stop by her blog to say ‘Hi’!

Love fashion? Well that makes two of us! So let me introduce myself…

‘I’m Caroline a twenty-something year old small town girl from the Netherlands. While I was working in a clothing shop at the age of sixteen, my love for fashion started to grow. And not a little bit. Nooo, a lot! That’s why I started a couple of years later my own fashion blog (called pick me an outfit), like many of us have in common.’

Enter the world of… Pick me an outfit!

♥ Daily outfits

♥ Event sneak peaks

♥ Fashion inspiration

♥ Beauty articles

♥ Recipes (are on their way)

♥ A look inside my wardrobe

♥ And… Give-aways!

Win! Join my give-away to make a chance on winning 1 of these 4 rosary bracelets sets! This means 8 bracelets, 4 sets of 2 bracelets, 4 lucky winners and more chances. I personally will contact the winners in early June. The sets are:

♥ 1) Rainbow Willfulness + Green Honesty

♥ 2) Red Love + White Friendship

♥ 3) Green Honesty + Yellow Energy

♥ 4) Brown Concentration + Orange Succes

*Tip* There’s a really nice give-away on it’s way. So stay updated on Facebook, Twitter and Bloglovin.

a Rafflecopter giveaway **I’ll be announcing the winner of the Target Gift Card tomorrow!**

I’m giving away 1 month of Ad space over at Lipgloss and Crayons today! Check it out and enter to win a bunch of other prizes as well!

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