October Budget…Or How I Totally Failed

So here’s a rundown of what I spent during last month.  It shouldn’t even be called a budget post because I totally failed this month and did not stick to my budget of $150.  I usually have a good idea of what I’m going to buy at the beginning of the month so I can stay close to that number.  But for some reason I go sucked in by all the sales and made some impulse purchases.  And then I got into a funk towards the end of the month and used shopping as therapy.  Does anyone else shop when they get depressed?  Not good.  

1) Gap Fleece Pleated Dress: ($40) This was on my list.  I think it will be so versatile the whole year.  I can wear it as is in the summer and add tights, a scarf and booties for fall.  I got this dress on sale – 40% off during the Columbus day sales. 
2) Anthropologie Vera Fedora – ($58) I’m LOVING the hats at Anthro right now! This was one of those impulse purchases.  I should not be spending $58 on a HAT! But I feel like it really is perfect.  It’s neutral and will go with so many outfits! 
3) Jeweliq Rope Tassel Necklace – ($25) This was on my list too.  It’s such a fun necklace.  The necklace is very long which makes it easy to wrap and tie it different ways.  
4) Joe Fresh 100% Silk Cargo Pocket Shirt – ($25) An impulse purchase. But how can I pass up a basic silk shirt for $25?
5) Madewell Striped Afternoon Dress – ($40) This was sort of an impulse purchase.  I’d been wanting a striped dress like this all summer but kind of gave up.  Then I saw this dress for 40% off the clearance price and I had to get it.  Who knew Columbus Day sales would be so good?!
6) Gap Boyfriend Jeans – ($45) I got these at the Gap Outlet. I have a pair of cropped bf jeans but I wanted a longer pair.  I actually like the outlet jeans better than the ones at Gap right now.  They are a little longer and are more fitted which works better for me. So always check the outlets first! The outlet pair was $10 cheaper plus 30% off.  
7) American Eagle Jeggings – ($30) I seriously needed to replace my dark skinny jeans.  I had them for about 5 years (maybe longer) and they were so worn out.  I decided to try the jeggings for a tighter fit and I love them! 
8) Express Mock Neck Crop Top – ($20) I bought this specifically to go with one of my high waisted skirts.  I prefer crop tops that cover up my chest (since I’m showing some stomach) and I liked how this one had a small turtleneck.  I actually got this top and a bracelet for $20 with a coupon so really it was only about $10.  

So I don’t even want to add this up. I’m pretty sure I spent twice my budget. I also think I bought more things than I have on this list but I can’t remember.  I didn’t count all the nail polish and lipstick that I bought. Sigh… And I wish I could say I’ll try better this month but I’m sure black friday is going to mess me up. 
In other news, I’m still without a computer. I’m hoping to get it fixed this weekend.  My husband has a very late call today so I get to use his until he goes to work! I hope everyone has a great weekend! 

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  1. This is somewhat related to the post, but how did you make the graphic with the images and the numbers and all that?

    I love your blog btw. I just cleared out a WHOLE bunch of blogs on Bloglovin', and yours was one of the few I kept! 🙂

  2. I love that fleece dress from Gap – it looks so cozy, but when styled up, it could be perfect for work, too! I love dresses that can go from weekend to workday easily 🙂