If we’re going to be friends, there’s something you should know about me (Megan).

I have an inexplicable affection for bicycles.

It is a serious adoration that, if properly labeled, would be called an obsession.

I’m not an awesome cyclist, nor do I own many bikes (only one, in fact), and I don’t even bike that often … I just … love bicycles, and can’t explain why.

Sure, I have some good friends who are really into cycling, and I commuted on a bicycle throughout college, but I know many people who share those experiences, yet don’t rubber-neck just to watch a cyclist zip by as they’re driving.

The fondness in my heart towards bicycles compares to the feeling of holding an adorable child in my lap or cuddling with a kitten. Bikes just stir something in me that goes beyond an enjoyment of a material thing.

It’s affection. It’s love. It’s weird.

Being in love with an inanimate object … can that be okay? Do you love inanimate objects too?

My baby. Isn’t she pretty?

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