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Nisolo Shoes Review: My Sandal and Boot Collection

*Updated May 2024

I’ve had the opportunity to try out several Nisolo shoe styles over the years as an ambassador*. I reviewed them all in separate blog posts but I thought I’d round up all of my pairs in one post just to make it easier! I know sandal season is coming to a close but hopefully you can snag some during an end-of-season sale for next year! So without further adieu, here is my Nisolo Shoes Review!

*NISOLO UPDATE: It seems that Nisolo might be struggling a little bit based on the comments I’ve seen on their Instagram account. At the end of April I got an email the their Influencer program has been suspended – so I no longer have a discount code for you to use. Several of the styles I reviewed below are no longer available. BUT I still have a review for the All-Day Open Toe Clogs and Huarache Sandals that are available.

Nisolo Shoes Review

Easy Summer Outfit ft. Nisolo Isla Woven Slides

About Nisolo

Nisolo is a Nashville based shoe brand that ethically makes their products in Peru and Mexico. Nisolo is truly a leader in the ethical and sustainable fashion space. They pay their workers a living wage and are very transparent with publishing the wages of all of their workers. Not only that, but they are Certified B Corp and Climate Neutral Certified. They recently started sending out Sustainability Facts Label (similar to a Nutrition Facts Label you’d see on food) so that consumers can be better educated about what goes into producing their products.

Nisolo Sustainability Facts Label

Sizing Notes: I have thin and narrow feet so when I talk about sizing just keep that in mind! I’m usually an 8.5 or 9 depending on the brand and shoe.

All-Day Open Toe Clog Review

The All-Day Open Toe Clogs are made with a lightweight wooden sole and water-resistant leather upper. The footbed is padded with memory foam and the soles have gripped rubber to keep you from slipping. The heel height is 3″ but it only feels like a 2″ heel because of the thick sole. It’s a very minimally designed shoe with staple hardware details.

I do find these comfortable! Like I mentioned above, even though the heel height is 3″ it doesn’t feel like that. I do feel a little clunky walking around in them because of the thick wooden sole though…haha. I do want to mention that when I took them out of the box I noticed that a part of the leather strap is splitting because the border “glue” looks like it’s worn off. Since I was gifted these I didn’t feel like exchanging them. And if it gets worse I can always take them to a cobbler and get them glued together. But it is a little concerning because I hadn’t even worn them yet!

I’m wearing the size 8.5 in the Almond colorway. I’ve usually been taking a size 9 in Nisolo sandals but since the Go-To Flatform sandal straps were a little loose I decided to try a size 8.5 in the clogs because I wanted a secure fit for my narrow feet. I feel like the straps fit great on the 8.5 clogs. I even had to tighten the ankle strap a bit to get a secure feel. However, I do feel like the 8.5 size is a little short for my feet. My toes hang over the top just a little bit. It doesn’t bother me but I do think the size 9 would have fit better length-wise for me.

I think you can take your usual size in the clogs if you have regular or wide feet. Sizing notes on the website say they run true to size. I have narrow feet so sometimes sizing is a bit tricky for me. I took my smaller size and feel like its a good fit width-wise for my narrow feet.

Huarache Sandal Review

The Nisolo Huarache Sandal is a closed-toe breathable sandal made from soft, handwoven leather. The Huarache is one of Nisolo’s most popular styles and it comes in 5 shades!

The leather of the Huarache Sandal is really soft and flexible so this is a really comfortable flat sandal. I have another pair of Huarache sandals from a different brand and they are not as comfortable as the Nisolo Huarache. I’m wearing the size 9 but I should have listened to the website suggestion and sized down to an 8.5 (possibly even an 8?). These Huaraches fit me but are loose and with continual wear they will stretch out and be too big. You want to make sure these sandals are a tight fit when you first get them so that they will stretch and mold to your foot after you break them in.

P.S. The Huarache Sandal is also available in a men’s style!

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Nisolo Go-To Flatform Sandal Review

FYI – The Flatform Sandal was recently updated to a 2.0 version. My review is for the original Flatform Sandals. The Nisolo Go-To Flatform Sandal is an elevated sporty sandal with a lightweight EVA midsole, memory foam insole, and water-resistant leather straps. The heel strap is an adjustable velcro leather strap. It comes in 6 colors.

This is a really comfortable sandal due to the thick, lightweight sole. It’s a sportier sandal but still looks great styled casually or dressed up. I’m wearing the size 9 because sizing notes suggested to size up. The Go-To Flatform Sandal doesn’t fit me as well as the Isla Slides. However, I don’t think I could have taken the 8.5 because it would have been too short for the length of my feet. The issue I have with these sandals is the leather straps aren’t tight enough so my feet wiggle around a little more than I would like. I’m thinking about taking them to a cobbler to get the back strap adjusted. But like I mentioned above, I have very narrow feet. So if your feet are normal to wide these might fit better on you than the Isla Slides.

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The All-Weather Amalia Boot Review

The All-Weather Amalia Boot is a lace-up combat boot with a water-resistant leather upper and a durable studded rubber sole. It’s sleek enough to wear with dresses but rugged enough to wear in all kinds of weather.

The Amalia boot was the first Nisolo shoe that I tried out because I was looking for a classic lace-up boot that would still work in rain and snow. I literally wear this boot everyday in the fall/winter and it’s held up great! I love this boot so much that I’ll probably get the brown version this fall.

Originally, I ordered the Amalia boot in size 9 because sizing notes suggested to size up. However, I felt like there was too much space in the toe area of the boot so I exchanged them for the size 8.5. I think the 8.5 is a better fit for me. They are snug but the leather loosens up over time.

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Carmen Chelsea Boot Review

The Carmen Chelsea Boot is the latest addition to my Nisolo Collection! If you are looking for a classic Chelsea Boot then this is the shoe for you. They are chic yet rugged with a studded rubber sole for extra grip and water-resistant leather.

I’m wearing the size 8.5 based on my experience with the Amalia Boot. They fit snug but I prefer them that way so I think the 8.5 is the right size for me. Sizing notes on the website suggest to take a half size up because they run small. If you have regular or wide feet I think it’s probably a good idea to size up – especially if you want to wear thick socks. If you have thin and narrow feet like me you can get away with taking your smaller size.

Overall, I’m really pleased with these boots. (Of all my Nisolo shoes their boots are my favorite). The Carmen Boots look great dressed up or down. I’ve worn them with my Christy Dawn dresses and they look great! But they are also sturdy enough to wear out in the woods or on a farm (like I do!).

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Isla Woven Slides Review

The Nisolo Isla Woven Slides are handwoven with water-resistant leather upper and vegetable tanned-leather sole. The Isla Slide has a thin, stacked leather heel and lightly padded footbed. It comes in 4 woven leather colors and 2 solid leather options.

I really love this slide. I think it’s simple, elegant, and comfortable. The woven leather is soft and doesn’t require breaking in. Since these are thin and light they are really easy to pack so I’ve taken them on all of my vacations – from Greece to California!

I’ve heard that the solid leather versions are a little stiffer so they might require some breaking in. I’m wearing the size 9 which is my usual size in Nisolo. I have thin, narrow feet and the Isla slides fit me perfectly. the footbed is actually very thin, which is good for me! But if you have wide feet you might want to size up. The woven leather does stretch out over time so keep that in mind too.

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