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When you are about to become a new mom, a lot of emphasis is put on making sure you have all the best products for the baby. But it’s also important to make sure you have items on hand to make the transition to motherhood easier for you.  Below, I’m sharing some products for moms that help with that transition!

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New Mom Must-Haves

Nursing Comfort Balm from Mustela

Breastfeeding is rewarding – but hard! I’m lucky that I’ve had a pretty good experience with so far with nursing my two boys. But even though breastfeeding has been a relatively smooth process for me, it’s still hard on my body sometimes. I’m in the beginning phases of breastfeeding with my 3 week old which means engorged breasts and sore nipples. Thank goodness for the Nursing Comfort Balm from Mustela!

Mustela Nursing Balm

This vegan nursing balm is lanolin-free, fragrance-free, dye-free, and is breastfeeding safe. It’s made with 100% naturally-derived ingredients, including olive oil and Vitamin E so it’s great for moisturizing and protecting sensitive nipples.

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Playtex Nursing Bras

Nursing bras are ESSENTIAL during pregnancy and after birth. I’m breastfeeding baby Christian about every 2 hours so you need to be able to easily whip ’em out! I wore nursing bras while I was pregnant because they are so comfortable and adjust to your growing size.

I was given two nursing bra styles to try out: The Crossover Sleep Bra and Shaping Foam Underwire. The Sleep Bra style is great for using at night and while lounging around during the day. It’s what I’m wearing pretty much 24/7 now! It’s just so comfortable and the criss-cross design makes it easy to breastfeed when you are tired and groggy during midnight feedings. The Cool Comfort® fabric helps keep me cool and also stretches to fit my changing size.

Playtex Nursing Bras for Moms

When I need a little more support I reach for the Shaping Foam Underwire bra. The TruSupport® 4-way Support system means comfortable straps, deeper cups, higher sides, and a wider back. The QuickStrap® clips provide easy access and make it easy to nurse!

You can find both of the Playtex Nursing Bras at Kohls!

Milkflow Lactation Coffee Pods from UpSpring

I’m really excited about this next product because I’m a huge coffee lover! Coffee is essential during postpartum due to all the sleepless nights staying up with baby. And the fact that the UpSpring Milkflow Lactation Coffee Pods naturally promote milk supple makes it even better!

Milkflow Lactation Coffee Pods

These coffee pods are the first and only lactation coffee pods with two known breast milk boosters – the herbs Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle. Each serving has 450mg of Fenugreek, 55mg of caffeine, and is also gluten-free, non-GMO, and Lactation Consultant recommended! 

I also love that the Milkflow pods are 100% compostable, 100% plant-based, and BPA-free! So they are better for the environment, mom, and baby!

UpSpring Milkflow Lactation Coffee Pods are also available at Target in the baby aisle!

LiftActiv Peptide-C Ampoule Serum from Vichy

I’m definitely a little skincare obsessed and this Anti-Aging Ampoule Serum from Vichy is unlike anything I’ve seen or used before! One of the biggest problems I see with skincare products is incorrect packaging. A lot of ingredients can be sensitive to oxidation and become less effective if packaged the wrong way. That’s why I love the ampoule packaging design. It’s made of amber glass to protect the highly concentrated ingredients from UV light, oxygenation, and contamination. Those ingredients include 10% Vitamin C to brighten skin, Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate and plump skin, and plant-based peptides to fight signs of collagen loss. This Derm-grade formula targets signs of ageing like collagen loss, wrinkles, and lack of radiance and firmness with only 10 ingredients! This clinically proven formula improves firmness and hydration after just 1 use! After 10 days skin is smoother and more radiant. And after 1 month skin texture is improved and wrinkles are less visible!

Vichy Serum Capsules

During my pregnancy I definitely neglected my skincare routine because I was feeling really sick due to morning sickness. Now that baby is here I’m feeling better and more like myself so I’m excited to pay more attention to my skin! It can be hard to find effective products that are safe for breastfeeding but since this serum only has 10 ingredients I feel safe using it!

To use the product: tap the top of the ampoule, break the ampoule with a tissue, attach the reusable applicator, twist off and save the cap, shake downwards and squeeze half of the serum out, apply half of the serum in the morning and the other half at night, close with the reusable cap to keep product fresh for 48 hours.

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Love Without Boundaries

Love Without Bounds

Becoming a mom has definitely made my heart go out towards children who live in less than ideal situations. Love Without Boundaries (LWB) is a top-rated, non-profit international charity that provides healing, education, and refuge to orphaned and vulnerable children worldwide. They believe that ‘Every Child Counts’ and is worthy of love and a chance at a better life. They partner with local citizens on the ground to provide aid to those in need.

Love Without Boundaries is offering a FREE downloadable book, ‘The Heart of an Orphan’ by Amy Eldridge, on January 27, 2020 to learn more about LWB’s story of love, hope and healing.

The Heart of An Orphan Book

What are some of your favorite products for new moms?

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