My Minimalist Jewelry Picks

I’m switching things up from my usual outfit post to talk about something that’s equally as important as the clothes you wear – your jewelry! I’m definitely a jewelry lover. Throughout my fashion blogging career I’ve gone back and forth between all the jewelry trends. I had a colorful statement jewelry phase, a modern jewelry phase, a simple jewelry phase, and everything in between! Recently I’ve been drawn to minimalist jewelry styles.

What is Minimalist Jewelry

When I think of minimalist jewelry, I think of jewelry that’s simple and can stand the test of time. But I also think it’s a “lifestyle”. It means saving up to invest in higher quality pieces that are made out of materials that are going to last. It means wearing the same simple pieces everyday because they literally go with every outfit. Furthermore, it means buying from brands that emulate the minimalist esthetic and believe in ethical practices. At least these are the things I think of when trying to curate my minimalist jewelry collection!

Minimalist Jewelry on vintage tray with Mejuri Locket Pendant, SOKO Earrings

Favorite Minimalist Jewelry Brands


I’ve been a fan of Mejuri for awhile. They fit the bill on everything I mentioned above. Their pieces are simple, made of high quality materials, ethically made, and reasonably priced. Plus, their brand aesthetic is spot on! I love that they have options at all price points. There’s sterling silver and gold vermeil pieces under $100 and then there’s solid gold jewelry and jewelry with fine gemstones.

I recently picked up the Locket Necklace. It’s 18k gold vermeil on sterling silver and comes on a long, chunky chain necklace. I had it engraved inside with my baby’s initials! I just need to add a little photo. It’s a great piece for layering but it also looks stunning on it’s own.

P.S. If you are interested in ethical jewelry brands you can read more about that in THIS POST!


AUrate is another minimalist jewelry brand that has a gorgeous aesthetic and also cares about high quality materials, ethical production, and fair pricing. Their price point is a little higher but still very reasonable considering the quality of materials and that the pieces are made in the USA. I also love AUrate because they give back to the community by supporting literacy programs.

I’ve worked with them in the past and they sent me these gorgeous gold vermeil Circle Earrings. You can see how I styled them in this post!

AUrate Minimalist Earrings on Leaf


Finley is a newer brand and just launched their first collection! They ran a promotion last year where they offered a free piece of jewelry to customers and I signed up to receive a simple chocker necklace (see below). I love this piece and wear it almost everyday. You can see it in action in this post!

Finley offers a smaller collection than Mejuri or AUrate but they have the same high quality standards and ethical production practices. Finley pieces come in 14k solid yellow, white, and rose gold and are also offered in more affordable 14k gold vermeil and sterling silver. So there’s options for every budget! I have my eye on these Twisted Hoops!


Kinn. is a small studio based in Los Angeles, California. They are committed to using high quality materials and transparent pricing as well! All their pieces are handmade in Los Angeles! Kinn. offers a smaller, curated collection and all their pieces are made with 14k solid gold. Even so, their pricing is very reasonable! I would love to add this dainty gold necklace to my collection!

Vrai & Oro

Vrai & Oro is another Los Angeles based company that produces their products in LA. They are also committed to using high quality materials and transparent pricing. I would say that Vrai & Oro pieces are a little pricier because they only sell solid gold pieces. They also have a fine jewelry line with ethical engagement and wedding rings. I had a chance to stop by one of their pop-up shops in Los Angeles and can vouch that their pieces are gorgeous!

Simple gold necklaces on vintage tray with perfume bottles and vintage mirror

What to Look for in Jewelry

I mentioned above that jewelry should stand the test of time. And in order for your pieces not to fade or discolor over time or with constant wear you really want to invest in solid gold pieces. With solid gold you can wear it all day, every day – even in the shower – and it won’t discolor. Solid gold pieces will cost more but the brands I listed above do a really great job of keeping the price reasonable.

If you really can’t afford the solid gold price tag, look for gold filled or gold vermeil pieces. Gold filled jewelry is a gold alloy bonded to a brass, copper, or sterling silver core. Gold vermeil jewelry is a thick layer of gold plating usually over a sterling silver base. Gold filled is slightly more expensive than vermeil. But both should hold up well if taken care of. That means you should avoid getting it wet and avoid spraying it with perfumes or lotions. You might also see pieces listed as gold plated. This is when a steel, brass, or sterling silver base is dipped in a thin layer of gold. This is the least expensive option but gold plated pieces don’t tend to last as long.

Another reason to invest in solid gold pieces is to avoid pieces that will leave your skin green! Certain metals react to your skin over time which results in a greenish residue. The most common metals that cause this are copper and sterling silver. Which is why you might see that effect with gold plated or gold vermeil jewelry – depending on what they are filled with.

Gold Locket Necklace with vintage earrings on tray

How to Layer Minimalist Necklaces

The good news is, your gold necklaces will look great on their own or layered with other pieces for more of a statement (without being too in-your-face). My go-to combination at the moment is my Finley chocker (similar), Cloverpost Pendant, and Mejuri locket (you can see them all on the photo of the tray with perfume).

Keys to layering:

  • Choose 3 necklaces at varying lengths: ex. chocker, 16-18″ necklace, 22-24″ necklace
  • Choose different chain styles for variation (ex. simple chain necklace, chunky chain necklace, chain with beaded detail) with different pendants (ex. disk, coin, locket, horn)
  • Also, choose the same material. Solid gold, gold filled, gold vermeil, and gold plated will all have slight variations in the gold color. So if you are really picky and want the necklaces to match perfectly then choosing all solid gold necklaces or all gold vermeil will have ensure that they look uniform. This is something that I need to work on because my necklaces are a mix. I’m hoping to upgrade my pieces at some point to solid gold!

Shop My Favorite Dainty Gold Jewelry

Now onto Flashback Fashion Friday! Here’s a look from last October. I really like this look and will definitely have to re-create it soon! Once the weather cools down!

Los Angeles Style Blogger wearing Plaid Boyfriend Blazer for fall.

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  1. Ooh, I can’t wait to check out the jewelry lines you mentioned – Mejuri I knew, but the others are all new – thanks!

    And is Fashion Flashback Friday a thing?? I may have to borrow that 🙂 Will credit you, of course!

    Thanks for linking up with the Fabulous Friday link-up!


  2. You have so many great pieces! I love dainty little pieces like this, but I don’t wear jewelry as much as I used to, with the kids always pulling and tugging at anything I wear, haha!

    Thank you for the link up!

    Hope that you are having a good week 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

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