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It took me a long time to start to feel comfortable in my skin and how I looked. I think everyone struggles with self esteem at some point. And while I know that feeling good about yourself goes farther than skin deep – I found that when I look my best, I feel my best. 
Part of looking your best means having great hair. It took me FOREVER to find a hairstyle that worked for me. I’ve pretty much always had long, straight hair but in high school and college I parted it down the middle. NOT a good look for me. In grad school I cut it above my shoulders and parted it on the side. Better, but not quite there yet. In my 20’s I went back to long, straight hair which looks ok but is kind of boring. FINALLY, in my late 20’s I figured out how to curl my hair and I got bangs. I have to say bangs were a game changer for me. I feel like this is the hairstyle that fits my personality the best. It only took me 30 years to figure out! 
#CleanRadiance, Goody Hairbrush
Now that I’ve figured out what hairstyle works for me, I need to keep my hair healthy and beautiful. Luckily, Goody sent me their new Clean Radiance hairbrush to try out. The Clean Radiance hairbrush has copper bristles to massage the scalp and work through the hair to reduce natural buildup produced over time and keep your hair looking shiny and healthy*. And the flexible cushion pad means added comfort when brushing. (I also love that the copper bristles look rose gold – which is totally “in” right now). 
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My Hair Tips:
1) Don’t wash your hair everyday. I wash mine about every three days (unless I’ve worked out). It was hard to adjust to not washing my hair everyday. I felt like my hair was really oily. But it eventually started to adjust. 
2) Use Dry Shampoo in between washes. This was a life saver in the beginning when I first stopped washing my hair every day. My favorite is Suave Dry Shampoo. It’s super cheap and it works great. 
3) Don’t use a Shampoo and Conditioner in one. Putting conditioner on the roots of your hair will just make it more oily and weigh it down. I’ve had much better results using a separate shampoo and conditioner. And I only apply the conditioner to the bottom portion of my hair – not near the scalp or roots! 
4) Apply Argan Oil to the tips of your hair. When you start getting split ends the rest of your hair doesn’t look as healthy. To help prevent dry, split ends I spray or rub some argan oil into the tips of my hair when it’s damp. 
5) Take Flax Seed oil. Flax seed oil contains Omega-3 fatty acids which encourage healthy hair growth. Fish oil capsules are also good – I’m just afraid of the “fishy” smell. 
Goody Clean Radiance Hair Brush, #CleanRadiance
My hair routine is pretty simple. I don’t have the patience to style my hair for half an hour! I simple brush my hair with the Goody Clean Radiance hair brush, use a flat iron to curl my hair and I’m done! It literally takes me about 10 minutes. 
#CleanRadiance, Hair Care
The final result! 
You can find the new Goody Clean Radiance hairbrush collection in the hair care aisle at Walmart
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*results based on consumer usage and perception study

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