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My Hair + Outfit Sneak Peek

First, I’ll tell you a little bit about my hair.  I’m half Armenian so I use that as my excuse for why I have a lot of hair! It’s both a blessing and a curse…haha.  You can see from the “Original” shot that my hair is pretty much straight.  That’s what it looks like when I air dry it or use a hair dryer.  It’s great except there’s a lot of it and it refuses to curl. I’ve tried several different kinds of curling irons and it takes FOREVER to get my whole head curled and the ends usually end up really crispy from the heat.
So I was super excited when Misikko asked me to try out one of their straight irons.  If you remember this post I recently learned to curl my hair with a straight iron. Misikko was nice enough to send me the HANA Salon Professional 1″ Flat Iron and I can honestly say that I love it!  As you can see I tried out several different styles and they all turned out great! 
(let me know if you are having trouble seeing this picture. Or try clicking on it. The picture is also on my facebook page)
 For the “Flip” style I used the iron to straighten and give the ends a uniform curl.  
For the “Straight” style I completely straightened my hair. There might not look like a whole lot of difference between how my hair normally is and the flip and straight styles from the picture but the HANA flat iron made my hair a little less puffy and gave it a sleek and silkier look in person. 
And lastly the “Curl”! It took so much less time and I like how these curls turn out better than when I use a curling iron.  Like I said, my hair is very hard to curl but the HANA iron created curls in seconds!  
(I also straightened and curled my hair on the same day but my hair still felt soft and shiny and I didn’t feel like it was being damaged by this iron.)
Check the Misikko website for a video on how to make curls with a flat iron.  Basically you put a section of hair in the iron, clamp down and do a 360 degree turn clockwise (or away from your head) with the iron so the hair wraps around the iron and then pull slowly down.  You can make tight curls or beachy waves depending on how fast or slow you pull the iron down.

Which style do you like the best?

The HANA Professional Flat Iron (c/o) comes with a carrying pouch and heat mat!
I have to mention that the package I got from Misikko was more than I expected! (See the picture here) It came with a bunch of other goodies besides the flat iron such as a hairbrush, eyelash curler, eyeshadow + brush, hand sanitizer, another heat resistant case…and more!  And all customers get the extra goodies! It’s nice to know Misikko treats their costumers well!
The reviews on this product are great and it has been featured in Marie Claire and Redbook.  It’s originally over $200 but is on sale right now for $129.98 plus free shipping.  Yes, that is still a lot of money!  But if you are someone who is looking to upgrade to a salon quality product I don’t think you could go wrong with this choice. Or if this is already in your price range then go for it! It’s super easy to use, heats up in seconds and doesn’t make my hair feel crispy like my other curling irons. It also comes with a 2 year warranty.
Or check out the HANA Mini Flat Iron! It’s travel size and only $74!
But if curling irons are still your thing Misikko has a great selection, as well as hair dryers and other hair care products.
Check back tomorrow for more details on this outfit!
*I was given the HANA iron to review and keep but all opinions are my own!*

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