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My First Designer Bag Purchase and How Instagram Made Me Do It

Los Angeles Fashion Blogger on Rodeo DriveStyle Blogger with Celine Bag on Rodeo DriveLos Angeles Blogger wearing Rouje Dot Midi Skirt, Celine Bag on Rodeo DriveFrench Girl Style, Rouje Midi Skirt, Green Midi Skirt

I made my first big designer purchase! Honestly, I feel like this is an important day in the life of a fashion blogger so it needs to be documented…haha. I wrote a little bit about why I decided to spend a lot of money on a bag in a recent Instagram post but I’m going into more detail in this post.

The Pressures of Instagram and Blogging

First, I want to talk about how Instagram and blogging can make you feel like you need to constantly be buying things in order to keep up with everyone else. I’ve definitely fallen into that trap. I have spent more money than I should buying into trends or buying things that I think will be popular with my followers. I’ve started to think that I need to wear designer items in order to feel “cool”. I see bloggers with a collection of designer bags and I think, “how can they afford all those expensive bags? What am I doing wrong? Should I be buying designer items in order to be taken seriously as a fashion blogger?”.

And with the rise of rewardStyle and Liketoknow.it, bloggers are constantly being pushed to talk about the latest trends, push sales, and link to in-stock items for followers to purchase. I get emails every week from rewardStyle reminding me that I need to publish Liketoknow.it enabled posts in order to make more money.

All of these factors make it very easy to think you need to BUY, BUY, BUY in order to keep up with the fashion blogger scene.

I started out as an affordable fashion blogger who re-mixed and re-wore items from my closet in daily outfit posts. Over the years I’ve definitely started to spend more money on clothes and tend to only feature “new” outfits in my posts now. Is this a result of the me trying to keep up with other bloggers? Or just the evolution of my fashion journey? I think it’s probably a little bit of both. As I’ve gotten deeper into fashion I’ve developed an appreciation for fashion as an art and quality designed pieces and that combination tends to make things more expensive. I’d rather spend more money on a few ethically and sustainably designed items as opposed to a lot of cheaply made pieces.

Celine Nano Belt BagCeline Nano Belt Bag, Realisation Par Leopard Skirt

Why I Bought A Designer Bag

So, did I give in to the pressures of Instagram and blogging and buy a designer bag? Maybe? Haha… I’m not going to lie and say that I’ve always dreamed of a designer bag and thought it was a good investment. The me from about 6 years ago would have thought that spending thousands of dollars on a bag was ridiculous! I mean, it really is ridiculous to spend that much money on something you don’t need.

However, like I mentioned earlier, I have gained more of an appreciation for fashion in general since I started blogging and some of the designer bags are gorgeous! I only started thinking that maybe I’d like to own at least one really nice bag that would stand the test of time and become a really treasured piece in my collection. But even though I would like to spend money on a designer bag that doesn’t mean my husband would be OK with it! He’s definitely never been on board with spending that much money on frivolous fashion purchases.

It wasn’t until recently that buying a designer bag started to become a reality for me. One of my relatives passed away and unexpectedly left us with a significant inheritance. Because of that, my husband and I were able to pay off all of our debt and we allowed each other a “splurge” purchase. Since the money was technically mine (hahahaha) he couldn’t say no to me buying an expensive bag!

The Celine Nano Belt Bag

I’d had my eye on the Celine Belt Bag for awhile – even before buying it became a possibility. The design just really spoke to me and I thought it was the perfect classic bag. I could have bought it off a secondhand site but I thought I’d “go big or go home” and buy it brand new! Who knows if I’m ever going to get the chance to do that again…haha. I also thought I might as well go to Rodeo Drive and have a “Pretty Woman” moment as well!

Originally, I thought I’d get the medium size belt bag but when I tried the nano size on I thought it was perfect for me. It actually has a lot of room – I can fit my wallet, sunglasses, cell phone and more inside. But it’s small enough to look great as an evening bag. I took it out for it’s maiden voyage to a Fig & Olive party. Also, I paired it with the Realisation Par silk skirt, cami and nude heels. I thought it was perfect!

Side note – I also decided to pull the trigger because Celine is going through a change. There’s a new creative director for Celine and they’ve gotten rid of the accent on the “e” in the logo name. No one is really sure what is going to change with this new direction and I didn’t want to risk that the Belt Bag would be discontinued. Also, I wanted a bag that still had the accent “e” because I like it! Maybe this will mean that my bag might be worth more later on? I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

The Moral of the Story

I 100% believe that you don’t need to buy designer items to be considered a “real” fashion blogger. Instagram and blogging can make it seem like girls have unlimited amounts of disposable income to buy new clothes but that’s not always the case. Yes, some girls do make a lot of money blogging and some save up for months to make a big purchase. But I think there are just as many bloggers who go into debt buying new items all the time to “keep up appearances”. Others buy a lot of new clothes, take pictures in them, and then return everything. Yes, A LOT of bloggers do the buy-and-return method.

That’s why I wanted to share everything that went on behind this big purchase for me. I NEVER rack up credit card debt to buy clothes or do the buy-and-return method. Always make sure you have enough money to pay your bills before you spend that money on clothes or bags.

Am I guilty of spending more than I should on clothes sometimes? Yes, definitely. But it’s something I’m trying to be more aware of and I would like to eventually set down more of a budget. I just think that if we are all more upfront about how we spend our money then the less pressure there will be to feel like we need to spend, spend, spend to be like the girls we see on Insta.

What do you think? Would you invest in a designer bag?

#1 Outfit Details:
Zara Tank
Rouje Midi Skirt
Topshop Shoes
Mejuri Necklace
Ray-ban Sunglasses

#2 Outfit Details:
H&M Cami
Realisation Par Skirt
James Chan Heels c/o
Celine Nano Belt Bag

Now onto Flashback Fashion Friday’s! Here’s a look from last September. This is one of my favorite outfits! I love this dress and how the photos turned out!

Jeans and a Teacup wearing a Moon River vintage inspired dress

I’ve been a little behind on the Flashback Fashion Friday’s link ups but I promise to pick favorites from this week’s submissions! Just link up your fashion posts below!

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  1. I am a firm believer in saving up for things you will have forever (or at least for a long time), and a high-quality bag is one of them. The fact that you inherited money and were super responsible about it makes it even sweeter! Love your bag, and can’t wait to see more of it here and on IG!
    Cheryl Shops | http://www.cherylshops.net

  2. You picked a great bag! I love the color and size. I know it will be a classic and will stand the test of time. I have been curious as to how some bloggers seem to have all kinds of fancy accessories but at the end of the day we all have our story. I love yours and I appreciate the honesty. I know I am tempted to keep buying when I get on Instagram but at the same time when I am not on social media I totally would forget about it! Crazy mind games right?! Congratulations on a beautiful bag Jessica! Well deserved!

    Maureen | http://www.littlemisscasual.com

  3. Hi Jess
    I love your bag, such a pretty shape, and classic. I also love your leopard skirt, classic and on trend. I buy designer bags but I always get them on secondhand sites like poshmark, Ebay, and RealReal. I don’t beleive in spending what you don’t have. I don’t beleive in the buy and return method.. it is not showing your closet!
    Love your striped dress as well, gorgeous!
    jess xx
    Id love to have you join in Turning heads Tuesday!

  4. Congrats on buying your first designer bag – and for choosing such a fabulous one! Love your style! xx

  5. I agree, you should never spend money you don’t have to try and keep up with the trends! Congrats on your first designer bag, I love the idea of having a piece that you will keep forever and that your grandchildren will have someday. If I saved all the money I spent on clothes for a few years I could probably save enough for a bag – just not sure if I’d have the will power!

    Chic on the Cheap

  6. The pressures to keep up with fashion on insta is daunting. I use so many of my clothes multiple times and items I buy are mostly second hand. I think ONE day I will own a designer bag but that is far off. Like after kids. Maybe that can be my present to myself after my girls graduate college or something. Haha! I do appreciate fashion and the art of it!


    1. You should totally save up and get one as a present to yourself! I think that if you are going to invest in a fashion item a nice bag is the way to go. Good for you for wearing the items in your closet and shopping second hand! I wish I was better at thrift shopping. But I did start shopping on ThredUp and I think it’s awesome!

    1. It’s sooo hard to not give into the pressures. It’s so easy to compare yourself to everyone else. That’s why I’m trying to be transparent and honest. Thanks for stopping by Elise! Have a great weekend!

    1. I used to think designer bags were so crazy so I get it! I will say that I think spending a little more money on a leather bag is worth it though because they just last so much longer. But yeah, even a leather bag doesn’t have to cost a whole lot! Have a great weekend!

  7. Jessica, your bag is gorgeous and your outfits are killer! I have always loved to buy clothes but have never been one to buy super expensive designer things. I am just a regular girl who loves creating outfits with whatever I can find and love at a bargain price…even thrifted and consigned items. So that’s my story! But I truly believe to each his own and if you love designer things and can afford them (or even if you can’t afford them but buy them anyway), it is no business of mine! I love your sustainable fashion posts and think your message is always spot on! Great post!


    1. Thanks Shelbee! I wish my tastes hadn’t gotten so expensive…haha… I’m trying to keep a balance though. I still love affordable fashion and believe you should be able to wear items in your closet for years. I’m trying to get better at thrifting but that one is hard for me because I don’t have the patience…lol. Have a great weekend!