My Favorite Fall Nail Colors

I’m not usually one to paint my nails at home because I feel like my manicures last longer when I get them done at the salon. HOWEVER, due to COVID I’ve had to start doing my own nails because the salons aren’t open! That means I’ve been searching high and low for the BEST FALL NAIL COLORS so I can start getting the the fall mood.


My Favorite Fall Nail Colors

J. Hannah Nail Colors

The good thing about doing your manicures at home is that you aren’t limited by the salon’s selection. I like unique and different shades so I’m always frustrated when I see 50 variations of the same nude and red shades at the salon. So when I came across J. Hannah’s nail color selection it was love at first sight. If you like “ugly” nail colors, this brand is for you. I love that their shades are very artistic and inspired by nature. The downside is, the photos are very artistic as well and it’s hard to tell exactly what the shades look like. I couldn’t make up my mind about my favorite color so I ordered the Mini Polish Set. I never end up using a whole polish bottle so I figured the mini colors would be perfect for me.

J.Hannah "Fauna" Manicure, Fall Nail colors.


My favorite shade is “Fauna“. It’s a ginger/ochre color and I think it’s the perfect fall shade. I also really like “Ghost Ranch” as a red/rust fall shade. I would say “Miso” is the “ugliest” color of the bunch and is kind of a beige with green undertones. “Dune” is a sandy neutral and “Akoya” is a sheer, iridescent shade.

I originally gave myself a manicure with the “Fauna” shade and I loved it. But I thought the colors in the set looked great all together too so I did one shade per finger for my next manicure.

The next shades that I would love to try out are “Eames” and “Hepworth”. I really, really, want to try the puke green “Eames” shade. It looks amazing!

Olive & June Nail Colors

I’ve been to Olive & June here in Los Angeles for manicure several times and I’ve always loved them! Their aesthetic is on point and most importantly, the manicures were great! Olive & June has their own line of nail polish that I have yet to try but I’ve only heard great things. They even have a special applicator handle that’s supposed to make applying your polish super easy!

I love the fall shades they just came out with. I was almost going to get these shades before I found the J. Hannah polishes. I was really interested in Olive & June’s “WKF” shade which is a lovely green. I also want to try “JJ” which is a cinnamon brown. There’s four other lovely shades in the Fall Collection. These shades would look great together for a monochromatic nail look as well.

You can buy the Olive & June nail colors individually or in sets!

Essie, Mented, tenoverten

Other nail colors I’m loving right now include Essie’s “Heart of the Jungle“, “On the Bright Cider” + “Bobbing for Baubles“. Mented is a black owned business and has a few neutral nail shades. I love “Brown + Bougie” and “Yes We Tan“. Tenoverten makes simple, 8-free polishes and I love the “Hester” + “Cliff” shades.

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    1. It goes on beautifully but probably only lasts me a couple days before it starts to chip. I can extend the manicure if I keep applying a clear coat on top every other day. But even gel manicures only last me about a week before they start to chip so I might not be the best person to ask…haha