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Lunya Washable Silk Pajamas and Loungewear Review

I’ve been a fan of Lunya washable silk pajamas for awhile now – ever since I visited a pop-up shop they had in Los Angeles a couple years ago. Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to be gifted a few sets as a part of their affiliate program so I thought I’d share a Lunya washable silk pajamas and loungewear review with you!

About Lunya

Lunya was founded by Ashely Merrill around 2012 because she couldn’t find sleep wear that was both comfortable and beautiful. She went on to create elevated sleep and loungewear that work for the modern woman so that everyone can be “Good in Bed”.

Lunya Loungewear

Lunya is also prioritizing sustainabilty by using responsible, organic and natural fibers and partnering with mills and vendors to avoid the use of toxic chemicals in production. They are also working towards having 100% fair trade certified production partners by 2026. You can read more about Lunya’s sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices here!

Lunya does have a few brick and morter stores, called Bedrooms. If you live in any of these cities make sure to stop by and see the pieces in person! You will definitely fall in love with the feel of the fabrics – that’s what happened to me!

Prefer Video Reviews? Click Here to Jump to my Lunya YouTube Review!

Lunya Washable Silk Pajamas and Loungewear Review

My measurements: 33-28-38, 5’8″, 30D, 125lbs

Lunya Washable Silk: Materials, Fit, and quality

All of Lunya’s silk pajamas are made from 100% mulberry silk – which is naturally thermoregulating. That means it’s going to help you stay the perfect temperature while sleeping – not too hot and not too cold! Silk is also breathable and gentle on the skin.

I have noticed that when I’m wearing my Lunya silk pajamas I get a really comfortable night’s sleep. I tend to alternate between hot and cold at night but the silk pajamas help me stay a more even temperature.

The fit of Lunya’s pieces are generally oversized – especially the tops. The waistbands on all of Lunya’s pieces are anti-slip and stretchy, so it does allow for flexible sizing. My true size is a size small and I’ve taken a size small in almost all of Lunya’s styles. I find Lunya’s styles to run true to size for an oversized, comfortable fit. At times when I’ve gained a little more weight and fluctuated between a size small and medium with my bottoms, I’ve found the Lunya size small to still fit. Unfortunately, the silk sets are not sold as separate tops and bottoms so you can’t choose different sizes.

Lunya’s silk definitely feels high quality. This is not that shiny, thin silk that I’ve seen on some intimates. The silk feels lightweight and soft yet sturdy with an almost suede-like texture. It feels AMAZING on your skin.

Do Lunya Washable Silk Pajamas Wrinkle?

Yes, the silk pieces wrinkle quite a bit. But that’s to be expected from any silk item. It is easy to steam the wrinkles out but I think that’s a waste of time. The wrinkles don’t bother me and I think the sets still look luxurious and beautiful even with the wrinkles.

Washable Silk Set

The Washable Silk Set in Deep Blue is the first pajama set that I received from Lunya. The top and bottom both have a tulip style hem which makes the fabric move really nicely to give you flexibility. The bottoms also have a no slip waistband to keep them from riding up.

I really love the shape of this set. It just looks really flattering on. And if you run hot at night this is the perfect set to wear. It’s definitely breezy and light and more revealing. If you bend over with this top the tulip back does open up which reveals a lot more skin. I tend to like a little more coverage at night (unless I’m sleeping somewhere REALLY hot) so I tend to gravitate towards my other Lunya sets.

If you are interested in shorts sets you can also check out the Tulip Back Set, Tank Set and the Tee Set for different levels of coverage.

Washable Silk Tee Pant Set

The Washable Silk Tee Pant Set features an oversized tee with a high low hem and pants with side slits. The high side slits on the pants provides nice movement when walking and makes this a really elegant set, in my opinion. The pants also include pockets (which not every silk set does)! The back of the tee is pretty long and provides bum coverage, which is nice.

I picked up the Washable Silk Tee Pant Set in Deep Blue because I wanted to be able to mix and match with my Silk Set from above. Now I can mix the pants with the tank and the shorts with the tee. In total I can create 4 different matching sets!

Washable Silk Tee Pant Set

Overall, I really like the tee from this set. The oversized fit is REALLY comfortable and I appreciate the longer length to cover my butt. The pants are beautiful as well but when I’m sleeping I don’t like how the pant legs separate and ride up. I prefer a regular pant leg.

Washable Silk High Rise Pant Set

The High Rise Pant Set was the second set I got from Lunya and I was really excited to try it out. I tend to prefer wearing long pants and a t-shirt at night so this felt like the perfect combination. The top is a cropped button down design and the bottoms are high waisted with long side slits (the same as the Silk Tee Pant Set above).

I do prefer wearing this set because I feel more comfortable with the extra coverage. I still think it’s cool enough to wear on summer nights. Keep in mind that the top is cropped so you’ll need to wear the bottoms high on your waist to avoid having your belly show. And I have the same problem with these pants as I do with the Silk Tee Pant Set – I don’t like how they feel more like shorts when I’m sleeping.

I think my only regret with this set is that I chose a light color. With kids and drinking coffee in the mornings I feel more nervous about getting stains on this light fabric! I believe I have spilled coffee on this set though and it was able to wash out.

Washable Silk Long Sleeve Pant Set

The Long Sleeve Pant Set is cut more like a traditional pajama set and more appropriate for cooler temps. I love that the pants have a tapered leg. It helps prevent them from riding up as much while sleeping. The top is also longer than the top from the High Rise Pant Set, which I like. The exposed tortoiseshell buttons are a nice touch as well. The color I’m wearing is a limited edition color called Calliope Wine which is perfect for the holidays!

Lunya Long Sleeve Pajama Set review

Overall, this is probably my favorite set so far. I find it really easy to sleep in and I love the full coverage it provides. The only thing missing from this set is pockets. If it had pockets this set would be perfect!

How to Care for Lunya Washable Silk Pajamas

Lunya does boast that their silk sets are machine washable. I’ll admit, I was a little hesitant to wash my silk pieces in the washing machine. However, I did wash my sets on the gentle cycle in a mesh bag with some other intimates, laid them flat to dry and they came out fine! They are wrinkled after the wash so just give them a little steam and they’ll be good as new!

I wouldn’t put these sets in the dryer (but that’s my personal opinion – I don’t machine dry any of my clothes but that’s a story for another day!). If you really want to you can probably get away with throwing them in the dryer for a couple minutes?? – just don’t let them dry completely in the dryer or they might shrink. I also wouldn’t wash them with rough fabrics like denim or towels because it’s still a delicate fabric. I always wash my clothes in cold water as well to help preserve the fabric and the color. You could place your silk pieces in a mesh laundry bag to help protect them further. I don’t wash my sleepwear after every wear (does anyone??) so I think that helps them last longer too. These sets are expensive so I think it’s worth taking a little extra care!

Lunya Cozy Cotton Silk

Lunya doesn’t just make silk sets – they also have other luxurious materials like this cotton silk material. This set is perfect for colder months. It’s technically not sold as a set – you have to buy the top and bottom separately. That’s great if you are different sizes on the top and bottom! The only downside is your color choice might be sold out in either the top or bottom.

Cozy Cotton Silk Pocket Henley

The Cozy Cotton Silk Pocket Henley is made from 70% cotton, 20% Nylon, and 10% silk. So it’s a nice thick, heavy material that still feels really soft. I love the high neck with the functional buttons down the front. It is an oversized fit so I went with my usual size Small and I think it’s perfect. I did get the matching bottoms but this sweatshirt also looks great with a pair of jeans. The color I’m wearing is Humble Brown which was a limited edition color.

Cozy Cotton Silk Ribbed Leggings

The Cozy Cotton Silk Ribbed Leggings are the perfect compliment to the Henley for a comfy loungewear outfit. Unlike the Henley, the Ribbed Leggings are made to be fitted. They are made from a similar cotton/nylon/silk material but with a bit more stretch to help keep their shape. They have a thick waistband to keep them from sliding down because they are meant to be worn high. I also love the pocket on the back with the cute tag!

At the time I picked these out I was heavier on bottom so I sized up to a medium. Now I would say I’m closer to the size small but these bottoms still fit. They are just a little bit more relaxed and not as tight as they probably should be.

Overall, I really do like this set as well. I love the feel of the material and it keeps me nice and cozy. This is definitely my go-to set in the winter because it keeps me warmer than my silk pieces. I think at one point they had Cozy Cotton Silk Joggers which I think I would have preferred over the leggings. Maybe they will restock them at some point!

Lunya Organic Pima

Organic Pima Long Sleeve Tee + Wide Leg Pants

My most recent Lunya addition is the Organic Pima Long Sleeve Tee and Wide Leg Pants in Hum Forest. They are made from 100% Organic Pima Cotton which is soft and slightly stretchy. They are a set but the top and bottoms are sold separately so you are able to choose separate sizes for your top and bottom.

I thought these pieces were a really unique pajama set. It almost looks too fancy for loungewear! The top has slightly puffed sleeves with “stay put” wristbands. If you’re like me and are constantly pulling up your sleeves, this is a nice top to have.

The wide leg bottoms are very voluminous and almost look like a skirt. The pant hem is unfinished which means you can easily cut off length if these pants are too long. I’m 5’8″ and the pants skim the floor on me so I would say they are on the longer side. Personally, I don’t like the unfinished hem but I can see how this would be convenient for someone who is shorter.

Is Lunya Worth It?

If you are looking for luxurious pajamas and loungewear that make you look and feel amazing then I think Lunya is absolutely worth it. I feel like the silk material is really high quality. If you are planning to invest in sleepwear I would go with the silk sets because they are the most luxurious to me. The organic pima and cozy cotton silk are definitely comfortable too but I’d rather spend that money on silk. I have a lot of pajama sets in different styles and brands and I can say that my Lunya sets make me feel the most comfortable and the most sexy. It is possible to look cute and comfortable at bedtime!

P.S. Lunya’s also has sleep and loungewear for men (which used to be called Lahgo). So you can get some Lunya Washable Silk Pajamas for your man as well!

Lunya YouTube Review

Check out my Lunya YouTube review to get a more detailed look at all of the sets I mentioned above!

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