Lime Jacquard

Guys – I went thrift shopping and actually found something! I usually get frustrated when I try to shop at thrift stores because there’s always so much to go through and I don’t have the patience.  Although this time I went to a vintage thrift shop so it was definitely well curated.  And even though the clothes are used they are more expensive because they are “vintage”.  Whatever – they are all used clothes to me! 
Lime Jacquard 3
Lime Jacquard 5
Lime Jacquard
Lime Jacquard 6
Lime Jacquard 4
Lime Jacquard2
Top: H&M (in white)(similar), Skirt: Thrifted (similar)(similar), Shoes: Target (love these), Bracelet: J.Crew Factory (similar)
I walked away from the vintage shop with this green jacquard skirt from the 1960’s and a silk scarf.  (I wanted to get about 3 scarves but I held back!).  I was really debating whether or not to get this skirt.  I wasn’t sure if this green jacquard pattern was “in” or if I had any tops to go with it.  But once I got back home I found this navy blouse that compliments it perfectly. I also like the mix of the small dot print of the blouse with the larger silver floral print of the skirt. So sometimes it’s good to take a chance on an item – especially if the price is right.  

In other news I had some anniversaries going on this week! Jeans and a Teacup was started 2 years ago on May 21st and my 3 year wedding anniversary was yesterday! Woohoo! My husband and I aren’t doing anything crazy this week because we took a trip to Hawaii in March.  We might go wine tasting this weekend and of course have a Memorial Day party on Monday.  I hope you all have a nice long weekend!

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