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I’ve been busy getting ready for baby this week so I thought I’d share what I’ve been up to lately! My mom flew in for a few days to help me prepare meals, clean my apartment, and get the baby’s room set up! It was really nice to have the company and extra help. Sadly, my parents live all the way across the country in Pennsylvania so they won’t be close by to help me when the baby comes. But they will visit for a little bit once the baby is actually born!

Style Blogger wearing Dwell and Slumber Caftan

In the meantime, I’m trying to go out and enjoy life sans baby while I can! This house dress/caftan from Dwell and Slumber has been AMAZING during my third trimester. I’m starting not to fit into a lot of things and this dress is soooo comfortable and can be worn during pregnancy and after. It’s also nursing friendly and can be worn out during the day or at night for sleeping. So it’s super versatile. I know I’ll be living in this when the baby is born. I love it so much I also ordered a striped style. I would recommend this dress even if you aren’t pregnant. But if you find a style you like – order now because they sell out quickly!

Gingham Maternity Dress at Au Fudge Restaurant

This gingham sleeve dress is still one of my favorite maternity dresses (also comes in non-maternity) and I happened to match the floor of Au Fudge! It’s a really cute restaurant owned by Jessica Biel and is also kid friendly. So I’ll be able to take my little one there eventually!

Pregnant Fashion Blogger wearing Molly Ades Maternity Tank Dress

Another maternity dress that I’m loving right now is this sporty tank dress from Molly Ades Maternity. The orange zipper is a fun accent and it’s also nursing friendly! Love dresses that I’ll be able to wear after baby! All of the Molly Ades pieces are designed for functionality and style to make it easy to transition from pregnancy to post pregnancy!

Los Angeles Fashion Blogger wearing Who What Wear Collection at the Pink Door in Palm Springs

Here’s a flashback to a couple weeks ago when my hubby and I went to Palm Springs. Of course, I had to stop by #ThatPinkDoor! It was soooo hot there that I only had a minute to grab a quick pic before I needed to get out of the heat! This Who What Wear Collection dress is one of my favorites because it’s so affordable – less than $35!

Now onto Flashback Fashion Fridays! Here’s a look from last June. I miss my distressed skinny jeans! But at least I can still carry around this Clare V. clutch!

Modern Citizen Off the Shoulder Top

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  1. Oh that floral maxi dress is beautiful! It’s great you mum was able to come over and help you – shame they won’t be close by when baby arrives but good they will come for a visit 🙂

    Thank you for the link up!

    Hope you have a great weekend ahead of you! 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog