Leather + Lace

Top: H&M (pretty long sleeve option), Skirt: H&M, Shoes: via DSW, Purse: Coach Factory, Bracelet: Stella and Dot, Lips: L’Oreal Pure Burgundy
So…if I look kind of awkward in these pictures it’s because there were people right behind me just standing there while we were taking these photos…  It turns out when I feel awkward my crazy eyes come out and ruin photos.  I had to delete a lot of the photos we took but I think I found some normal ones!
Anyway, I’ve been wanting to try out the leather and lace (or embroidery) combo.  I’d just been waiting for the right pieces.  And this weekend I found this faux leather skirt that I thought would be perfect! 
I’ve been thinking about saving up for a real leather pencil/mini skirt since I do think leather pieces are worth it.  But when I saw this skirt for $25 my cheap side took over and I thought of all the other clothes I could get for the price of one genuine leather skirt!  But I do really like this one because the faux leather doesn’t look so fake.  I actually think it looks like real leather! 

Do you guys invest in real leather pieces or go for “faux”?

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  1. I always want real leather over fake. I've told myself I'm no longer allowed to buy faux leather bags, but sometimes you find something you love and it's made of plastic, and what can you do?

    I do really love this combination, and I will definitely be doing it myself!
    Chic on the Cheap

  2. Love love love leather and lace paired together! One of my favorite combos! And you don't look awkward at all! We are so hard on ourselves! Also, bring on the faux…I am all about saving to buy more pieces instead of just splurging on one!