Kristina Does the Internets

I’m happy to introduce you to Kristina today! I recently started to follow her blog and I think you’ll love her style! She isn’t afraid of color and she can mix those prints! Just take a look below! 🙂

Hey everyone! My name is Kristina and I blog over at Kristina does the Internets. I tend to get a lot of comments on my blog’s name, I thought it was an appropriate title for my little corner of the internet.

I actually first thought about starting a blog because people often asked me if I had a blog, which I feel like is a weird thing to assume about a person. I resisted for a while, but after getting really into reading blogs I decided I definitely needed one as a creative outlet for myself. Originally I thought I would mainly be sharing the Pinterest projects I tried completing (sometimes successfully), but Kristina does the Internets has turned into something much more than that. I post a lot about style, but I also include cooking, baking, diy projects, and cute Ron Swanson gifs.

Whenever I’m asked to describe my personal style I think I know what I’m talking about, but it usually turns into a lot of mumbo jumbo, like “clean, modern preppy with a twist.” What does that really mean? I love color, I love simplicity, and I love pulling together a look with a great statement necklace.

I get inspiration from Pinterest and magazines (I’m basically a style magazine hoarder), but a lot of my inspiration comes from street style. I love seeing an outfit and then trying to recreate it with items from my own closet. I’ll sometimes spend an obscene amount of time in my closet remixing my wardrobe. Like, to the point where the boyfriend thinks I’m hiding out in there. Helloooo, I’m just trying on my entire closet again! If you never try pieces together, you may never find your favorite combinations!

If you like what you see and/or would like to see pictures of my boyfriend put into embarrassing situations (like attending a bachelorette party), then stop on by, I’d love to say hi!

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